Hair loss in both men and women is associated with many negative feelings and emotions, that’s why as soon as we notice the first symptoms of it, we immediately start looking for a solution to the problem. It’s never too early to visit a doctor; what’s more, the sooner we consult a specialist, the quicker he finds the source of the problem and helps us solve it effectively. It’s detrimental to postpone meeting a doctor for too long because it may be too late for many simple options and answers.

Appropriate age for FUE hair transplant

The beginning of hair loss is a very important moment in the whole process, therefore it is never advisable to delay an appointment with a doctor. In many cases, a pharmacological treatment proves to be effective only when we have not yet lost significant amount of our hair; however, the best alternative is often hair transplant when it’s too late for a pharmacological treatment or our problem stems from more complex factors like genetic predispositions. There is no clear answer as to at what age it’s best to choose this procedure. In my professional career I have successfully transplanted hair in both very young and elderly patients – every case is different, that’s why I treat every patient individually. There is a number of factors qualifying a patient for hair transplant at a given time, including hair density at the back and the sides of the head. The information on hair density in these areas indicates whether the patient will be able to safely undergo one or more hair transplant procedures. As far as FUE hair transplant is concerned, proper planning is of crucial importance. Believe me – it is sometimes better not to choose an aggressive hairline so that its shape can look natural in the future rather than ignore the doctor’s concerns and use the services of less professional surgery offices. Such attitude and behaviour may save you from improperly performed transplantation and the feeling of dissatisfaction with the final result.

Start with the consultation online

The best first step is an online consultation. This simple and quick option will let the patient send the doctor photos of their head and express their expectations – all without leaving their house. The online consultation is not only the first step; it also helps many patients to become familiar with the topic. At HairCenter Kierach, online consultations are always free of charge, and I reply to messages sent via the contact form at once.