The face speaks a lot about a man – the hairline has an influence on its features and youthful appearance. However, it is not the hair on the head that is considered to be a symbol of masculinity. For years a healthy-looking and strong beard has been a dream for many men, the facial hair emphasises facial features and gives it a unique character. Unfortunately, not everyone has been bestowed with the gift. Should those men abandon their dreams of something that boosts their confidence? Much like with the hair on the head, a hair follicle transplant comes to the aid here.

Healthy and strong beard

The men who want to wear a healthy and strong beard have increasingly been opting for a hair follicle transplant. Beard transplants have become more and more common over the last few years, especially among a relatively young age group, namely men aged 25 to 35. Contrary to appearances, beard transplants have never been as popular as they are now – this means that wearing a beard is not conditioned by passing trends that appeared in the fashion world at the beginning of the past decade ( ‘Viking’ or ‘Lumberjack’ styles). Wearing a beard is an attribute of male beauty which, regardless of trends, fits into the appearance of the majority of men all over the world. The FUE method is most commonly used for beard transplants – it involves extracting hair from an overgrown area of the donor scalp (the back and the sides of the head). The advantage of that hair is the fact that it is genetically strong and is not affected by the balding gene of the male type. It is these features, among others, that make the hair transplant permanent and long-lasting.

Difficult but possible

A beard hair transplant is a complex and difficult medical procedure, but an experienced doctor has hardly any difficulty with conducting the procedure successfully. In the vast majority of cases the transplant is performed in one day, and the patient immediately returns home after the procedure. The face is a showcase of every person, that is why we should discuss all pros and cons with the doctor before making a decision to tamper with it. In the future the beard must be evenly arranged at the right angle all over the face, and it should look attractive and natural. The features such as hair colour and curls should come together. If the doctor decides that obtaining such a result is not possible, a beard transplant may not be the best option for such a patient.

A suitable candidate for a beard transplant

Answers to all the questions we are interested in can only be obtained in the doctor’s office during an individual consultation meeting – every patient is different, so we must remember that an honest and competent doctor will not choose to make any diagnosis without a thorough and detailed knowledge of the case.