In recent years hair transplant has become one of the most common and popular treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The growing interest in hair transplantation has led to more intensive discussion about problems related to hair loss; however, there is still a lot of misinformation circling around. Today I will disapprove three of the most common myths causing unnecessary concerns in patients.

Myth 1 – Hair transplant is only for men

Every day an average healthy person in every corner of the world loses hair. There is nothing disturbing about this phenomenon because hair loss is a very natural process. Problems only begin when we start losing too much hair too often, and their loss is caused by a number of different disorders disturbing the balance in our body. The growing receding hairline, clearances and hair thinning are more likely to affect men; however, the nature doesn’t allow all women to enjoy healthy hair. At present, every other man under the age of fifty and as many as 70 percent of elderly men are affected by hair loss. As far as women are concerned, the problem is less common, as only 3-6 percent of women under the age of thirty and as many as 30-40 percent of women over 50 years old are confronted with this hair disorder. The myth is that only men can undergo hair transplant – the procedure is successfully performed in representatives of both sexes.

Myth 2 – Hair transplant leaves scars

The myth associated with hair transplant scars stems from the method of the transplant procedure performed in the past. The so-called FUT method used a technique of taking a skin patch from the back of the head, which resulted in line scars. The dynamic development of medicine and new technological possibilities enabled doctors to stop performing hair transplant procedure in that old-fashioned way. At HairCenter Kierach , all hair transplants are performed with the means of innovative method called FUE, which involves taking single hair follicles, not the entire skin patch. The tools used in FUE method are 0.8 – 0.9 thin in diameter and leave minimal, almost invisible, scars that heal just after a few days.

Myth 3 – Only a few can afford hair transplant

Aesthetic medicine treatments are becoming more and more popular every year. The same observation is true about hair transplant, which has been performed all over the world, also in many Polish cities, for many years now. HairCenter Kierach has branches in Wrocław and Warsaw, which allows patients to choose a more suitable location. The days when hair transplantation was associated with time-consuming and, above all, costly trips abroad are history.