Hair washing is a routine activity which most of us repeats on a daily basis. Do we do it properly?
Long hours of conversations with my patients have led me to the conclusion that, contrary to
appearances, a proper execution of this simple activity may cause problems. Patients often make
mistakes that have a great influence on weakening hair condition, which as a result can lead to hair
loss. So how should we wash our hair? After reading this article you will realise that kicking your bad
habits is really easy.

How to wash your hair properly

Proper hair wash is really easy and does not take a lot of time. Mistakes we make usually result from
the fact that we do not pay attention to details – it’s high time you changed that! Here are four most
common mistakes we make when hair washing:

  1. Ill-chosen shampoo
    Hair can be characterised by many specific features like a tendency to greasiness. The choice
    of shampoo is of crucial importance; shampoo which is not intended for our type of hair may
    do considerable damage as well as make the hairstyle look unattractive. Before you buy
    shampoo, pay attention to its contents and read the label on the package; when you have
    difficulty identifying your hair type, consult your doctor, hairdresser or pharmacist.
  2. Shampoo application
    A small amount of shampoo is enough to wash short hair thoroughly – no more than an
    equivalent of one plastic bottle cap. As far as long hair is concerned, the best way is to
    increase the amount by half. Before you apply the shampoo on your head, remember to wet
    it with warm water. When hair washing, many of us apply the shampoo on hair which is not
    wet enough – it’s a mistake that prevents from washing your head and hair appropriately.
    Before you apply the shampoo, always remember to wet your hair for 5-10 seconds; only
    then start rubbing in the foaming shampoo. Firstly, massage the shampoo into the scalp,
    then spread the shampoo foam over the lower parts of your hair.
  3. Wrong hair rinsing
    After washing your hair and head for a couple of minutes, now it is time to rinse the
    shampoo off your head. It’s enough to perform this action only once; however, remember to
    do it appropriately without leaving any foam on your head. Do not use too warm water to
    rinse your hair as it causes excessive foam production and as a result makes it harder to
    remove the whole shampoo from your head. The best way is to lower the water temperature
    gradually; start rinsing the hair from the top (right by the scalp) to lower parts to make sure
    you remove the whole shampoo with your hands.
  4. Rubbing wet hair with a towel
    Freshly-washed wet hair is extremely fragile and delicate, that’s why we should never rub it
    intensely and press it with a towel. Many people make this mistake, unknowingly weakening
    the hair and damaging it. After washing, use your hands to remove as much water as
    possible, then delicately put a clean towel on the hair without rubbing the wet head with it.
    It is also a common mistake to make a towel turban pressing on the wet hair. If you really
    want to leave a towel on your head, make sure not to leave tightly tied.

How often to wash the hair

Washing your hair too frequently is a common mistake. In most cases, it’s not a good solution to
wash your hair on a daily basis. The best frequency is to wash your hair every 2-3 days; however, I
don’t want to set a rigid border here. As I have mentioned earlier, hair may be characterised by many
features, that’s why it’s not a good idea to give up on daily washing when your hair has a tendency to