The method of hair transplant has evolved over the past fifty years. The days when patients struggled with scars or unnaturally growing hair are long gone. At present, doctors specialising in this field of aesthetic medicine are able to make almost all dreams come true and make their patients happy. Today, hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure, which requires a doctor to have not only experience, but also artistic skills to create a naturally-looking hairline.

From FUT to FUE

Until recently, hair transplants were performed by the means of FUT method, which was far from perfect despite the satisfactory final result. A doctor carrying out the procedure cut out the entire skin patch, which resulted in large scars preventing the patient from having a short hairstyle in the future. Currently, the treatments are performed with the latest FUE method, which involves taking single hair follicles from the back and the sides of the head. Contrary to the old method, the scalp fully regenerates after the procedure and the traces of little spots between the existing hair disappear over time. Extracting hair follicles is time-consuming, that’s why a doctor performing the procedure needs to devote much more time to it than when using FUT method. Personally, I do not schedule more than one hair transplant a day as to ensure that I am able to devote enough time and attention to the patient, and the procedure is performed without any complications.

The method appreciated all over the world

I am aware that hair plays an important role in our lives, that’s why I always make great effort to find such a solution as to help the patient hinder the process of hair loss or restore hair in places already affected by baldness. Being an FUE expert and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), I deeply recommend FUE hair transplant to HairCenter Kierach patients. In case other solutions fail, hair transplant becomes the best option to overcome the hair loss problem.