Diet has a great influence on the condition of our hair. I have mentioned numerous times what food should appear on our plates so that we are not deficient in minerals and vitamins playing a significant role in keeping our hair in great condition. Now it’s about time I mentioned a few groceries which are harmful to our hair. Their elimination, or at least considerable reduction in their consumption, will not only improve the condition of our hair, but it will also help to prevent hair loss. Although there is a number of hair loss causes, it is often bad eating habits that lead to body disorders.

Unhealthy food causes hair loss

Nowadays the status of ‘unhealthy food’ is assigned to more and more groceries. Our meals contain huge amounts of sugar, which has a negative influence on our body, including our hair. Why does it happen like that? Sugar is one of the causes of greasy hair and dandruff… Hair affected by this ailment looks unaesthetically and not fresh, making us wash our hair more often, which isn’t advisable. The healthiest is to wash our hair every 2-3 days. It’s advisable to reduce the intake of sugar in order to keep our hair in good condition. Sugar elimination or at least its reduction will allow us to wash our hair less often, will improve its looks and considerably help improve the holistic condition of the body.

Cigarettes, alcohol and coffee

Common drugs are not indifferent to hair – huge amounts of coffee, alcohol and cigarettes often weaken our hair. Excessive coffee and alcohol consumption results in the fact that valuable minerals, like zinc, are washed away from our body. Alcohol makes our skin and scalp drier as well as causes the hair ends to split and go dry. How about smoking? Most importantly, it causes blood vessel contractions, which results in inappropriate hair nutrition (not enough oxygen is released in tissues).

Appropriate diet

Our diet should be abundant in many vitamins and minerals. If we want our hair to grow properly, we should consume meals containing vitamins E, A, and B group. Zinc and iron are among valuable minerals as well. So, what should we eat so that our diet is rich in those valuable minerals and vitamins? To get the answer, go to the post ‘Food that helps keep the hair healthy’.