In my surgery office I sometimes meet patients who are not satisfied with the final result of hair transplant performed by another doctor. In most cases, it is clear at first glance that the procedure was carried out by an inexperienced person and a great number of blatant mistakes was made during the course of the treatment. In my career, I have also met patients asking for my professional advice who were not satisfied with the final result of the properly performed transplant. Why did that happen? One of the main causes of that situation was lack of communication between the doctor and the patient. It is crucial to talk to each other in order to understand each other better – the patient should express their expectations thoroughly, and the doctor should realistically estimate the possibilities and options. It is the consultation meeting that is the best time to have such a conversation.

Consultation will dispel doubts

Even though hair transplant is a relatively small surgical procedure, one must remember that it will only be successful if the highest possible standards are maintained. During such a procedure, the doctor must demonstrate not only great experience but also artistic skills, which will enable them to create a naturally-looking hairline. When looking for a suitable doctor, it is worth beginning with familiarising oneself with the opinions on their work. Bear in mind that most of them are subjective evaluations, and their authors can have lower expectations than we do. It is not advisable to blindly trust everything what we read online – you should always make an appointment for an individual consultation before taking any steps. The meeting is an opportunity for the doctor to identify the problem and choose the best possible solutions, while the patient can get to know the doctor better and ask valuable and crucial questions. Every case is different in medicine, and the doctor won’t be able to help you without thorough knowledge on the topic.

Consultation in the surgery office or online

FUE hair transplant involves precision and extensive experience on the side of the doctor. Consulting sessions can be held during one day or, in some cases, within two consecutive days, depending on the number of transplants required and the treatment area. Remember that every case is different, that’s why the first step is always the consultation on hair loss. If you are unable to come to a surgery office (e.g. due to the long distance between the doctor’s office and your place of residence), it is worth asking for a preliminary consultation on FUE hair transplant based on the photos sent online. At HairCenter Kierach, I often agree on this solution; however, I never make a diagnosis or any decisions on the treatment without meeting the patient in person in the surgery office.