laserowe usuwanie przebarwien

Laser discoloration removal

About the procedure Discoloration is the result of a disorder of the melanogenesis process, which is responsible for the production of skin pigment. Their background may be hormonal or genetic. In addition, discoloration can be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays or inflammation. Sometimes discolorations can be removed with special cosmetics. However, for many […]

hydrogel aquapeel

Hydrogen Aquapeel

Hydrogen Aquapeel – what is it? Hydrogen purification is a treatment aimed at deep cleansing of the skin, neutralization of free radicals that favor the aging process, exfoliation of dead epidermis, oxygenation of cells and face skin lifting. This is possible thanks to the synergistic combination of various, progressive technologies: hydrabrasion, infusion, ultrasound and bipolar […]

laserowe usuwanie zmian


Photorejuvenation – what is it? Photorejuvenation proceeds quite quickly. Depending on the area of the body on which the treatment is performed, it usually takes about 5 – 30 minutes. During irradiation, the patient feels a gentle warmth, sometimes a slight burning sensation of the skin. During the treatment, the skin is irradiated with low […]

biostymulatory tkankowe

Tissue biostimulators

Tissue biostimulators – what are they? The precisely developed formula of each of them is responsible for the extremely effective results that biostimulators give. Individual ingredients are selected primarily in terms of moisturizing and firming the skin, as well as activating cellular repair mechanisms, fighting free radicals and own collagen synthesis. This is why the […]



About lipofilling, fat transplantation Fat is one of the best materials that can be used to fill and shape the body. The tissue of the patient’s body is completely safe for health, it does not cause adverse reactions or allergic conditions in the patient. There is also no risk of rejection during the procedure. Such […]