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Laser discoloration removal

Laser discoloration removal is a non-invasive and, above all, effective method of removing skin spots from various parts of the body.

The treatment is most often chosen by people who are unable to get rid of unsightly discolorations with the help of available brightening cosmetics and acid peels. Laser discoloration removal allows you to get rid of stubborn stains, as well as to even out skin tone.

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About the procedure

Discoloration is the result of a disorder of the melanogenesis process, which is responsible for the production of skin pigment. Their background may be hormonal or genetic. In addition, discoloration can be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays or inflammation. Sometimes discolorations can be removed with special cosmetics. However, for many people, the only way out is to use laser discoloration treatment. Laser discoloration removal is a procedure that brightens and evens out the skin pigment. It is most often performed on places that are difficult to hide, i.e. around the face, neck and cleavage. Direct indications for laser discoloration removal are:

  • freckles,
  • melasma,
  • hyperpigmentation,
  • lentigines,
  • pigmentation disorders,
  • shallow pigmentation changes,
  • deep and intense pigmentation changes.


What does the procedure look like?

Laser discoloration removal is a non-invasive, painless procedure that does not require convalescence. During it, only a gentle warmth is felt, therefore it does not require the use of local anesthesia. The treatment time is about 15-30 minutes. A laser is used to perform the procedure, the energy of which is absorbed by the melanin present in pigmentation changes. As a result of the laser action, cells that contain excess of this dye are destroyed and removed. The laser treatment is very precise, which means that it does not damage healthy skin near the discoloration. Immediately after the procedure, redness may appear, but it will disappear after a few hours. Importantly, initially the discoloration will begin to darken, but after a few days the exfoliation process will begin, as a result of which the treated area will become brighter and healthier, and the discoloration will disappear. In order to completely get rid of discoloration, 3-5 treatments are usually required, although with larger lesions it may be necessary to perform 10 sessions with the use of a laser. The exact plan of treatments is determined individually in consultation with the doctor.


Who is the treatment dedicated to?

Laser discoloration removal is recommended for people who are unable to remove discoloration with lightening cosmetics or acid peels. The treatment can be used by patients who complain about excessive discoloration on the skin or their intense pigmentation, as well as people who want to get rid of age spots, discoloration caused by hormonal changes or the effects of photoaging.


Recommendations and contraindications

Immediately after the laser removal of discolorations, the following should be avoided:

  • physical exercise – for about 7 days,
  • sauna and hot baths for about – 14 days,
  • alcohol-based soaps and lotions.
If discolorations were removed from the face, a cream with an SPF50 filter should be used for about 4 weeks after the procedure. Contraindications to the procedure include:
  • active inflammatory skin diseases,
  • Cancer,
  • epilepsy,
  • connective tissue diseases,
  • psoriasis or vitiligo,
  • uncontrolled diabetes,
  • tendency to abnormal scarring of wounds,
  • fresh, about a month old tan,
  • taking photosensitizing drugs and herbs,
  • taking isotretinoin within 6 months before the planned surgery,
  • taking tretinoin within 2 weeks before the planned procedure.
  • In addition, the procedure is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.



The treatment allows for permanent removal of discoloration and lightening of pigmentation changes that cannot be eliminated with available cosmetics. As a result of the treatment, you can get rid of unwanted spots and freckles, as well as even out the skin tone.

The treatment allows for safe, permanent and painless removal of unsightly discolorations that cannot be dealt with by brightening cosmetics and acid peels. For this reason, more and more men and women who want to enjoy a smooth complexion with a healthy shade are choosing laser removal of discolorations.

The exact price of laser discoloration removal depends on the number of treatments necessary to completely eliminate skin pigmentation changes. For this reason, the exact cost of the procedure is determined individually during the initial consultation with our specialist.

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