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Gynecological prophylaxis

The term “prophylaxis” mainly includes activities aimed at preventing diseases as well as detecting and treating diseases in the early stages, giving hope for full recovery.

In gynecology, cancer prevention is of the greatest importance. Cervical cancer is a disease with special characteristics and therefore prevention is so important in the fight against this problem. Unfortunately, in Europe, Poland has one of the highest incidence and mortality rates for cervical cancer. Every year, it is diagnosed in 2.5 thousand Polish women, and then 1.6 thousand women die because of it. The disease develops very slowly, usually asymptomatic for many years, and is preceded by precancerous conditions that can be easily detected and treated in the early stages.

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Gynecological prophylaxis – what is it?

The main goal of gynecological prophylaxis is to prevent diseases and, if detected, to start treatment at an early stage of development. Prevention includes regular examinations such as:

  • cytology,
  • gynecological ultrasound,
  • breast ultrasound,
  • hormonal tests.
As part of cervical cancer prevention, HPV vaccination is also performed. If we use hormonal contraception, preventive visits to the gynecologist are especially important.


Gynecological prophylaxis – indications

Cyclical visits to the gynecologist should be planned by every woman who has intercourse or plans to start intercourse. The patient should undergo preventive examinations at least once a year. During the visit, the doctor may perform a vaginal ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound during pregnancy, as well as prenatal tests: amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. The main indications for a visit are:

  • periodic inspection (at least once a year)
  • planning to start intercourse
  • using or wanting to use hormonal contraception
  • pregnancy planning, problems getting pregnant
  • alarming symptoms and diagnosed diseases
  • menstrual disorders
Regular gynecological consultations allow us to control the proper functioning of our body and detect diseases at an early stage of threat. Regular visits to the gynecologist can save your life.

Gynecological prophylaxis – recommendations before the examination

It is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse 2-3 days before the planned gynecological examination. It is also important to refrain from vaginal irrigation and the use of vaginal pessaries.


Price list
Gynecological consultation
250 zł
Prophylaxis (consultation with ultrasound and cytology)
350 zł
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