Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy

Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy – what is it? Multi-needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment involving making micro-holes in the skin of the face, hairy area of the head or other parts of the body. The main purpose of this multi-needle mesotherapy is to mechanically stimulate the skin for self-regeneration, biorevitalization and to deliver active substances to […]



Carboxytherapy – what is it? Carboxytherapy involves injecting carbon dioxide under the skin, which dilates blood vessels. As a result, the cells become oxygenated and better nourished. The treatment itself also stimulates the process of their renewal and collagen production. During carboxytherapy, the process of lipolysis occurs, i.e. fat breakdown – thanks to this, cellulite […]


Bipolar microneedle radiofrequency

Bipolar microneedle radiofrequency – what is it? It is a technology that combines traditional radio waves with skin micropuncture using multi-needle modules. It consists in inserting needles (gold-plated, insulated) into the skin, which are heated with a radio wave, thanks to which it is damaged in a controlled manner. The device uses 3 types of […]

biostymulatory tkankowe

Tissue biostimulators

Tissue biostimulators – what are they? The precisely developed formula of each of them is responsible for the extremely effective results that biostimulators give. Individual ingredients are selected primarily in terms of moisturizing and firming the skin, as well as activating cellular repair mechanisms, fighting free radicals and own collagen synthesis. This is why the […]

Mezoterapia do kategorii medycyny estetycznej

Needle mesotherapy

Mezoterapia – co to takiego? The beginnings of mesotherapy date back to the 1950s. Its creator is considered to be a French doctor, Michael Pistor, who performed point injections of drugs in the treatment of pain in patients suffering from rheumatic, laryngological or neurological diseases. 20 years later, this method was also used in aesthetic […]

Zabiegi laserowe do kategorii medycyna estetyczna

Laser treatments

Lasers used in aesthetic medicine In aesthetic medicine, different types of lasers are used – high, medium, low or very low power, continuous or pulsed lasers. The active center of such a laser can also be different, that is, what determines its parameters. We distinguish solid, liquid, gas and semiconductor lasers. Each of them solves […]