Preventive health care is a key part of taking care of your health. At our clinic, we offer many types of preventive health care treatments, including dermatological, gynecological and pre-exposure prophylaxis. Our specialists use the latest methods and technologies to detect diseases at an early stage and prevent their development. Before each treatment, we conduct a thorough consultation to choose the best solution for each patient's individual needs. With our preventive treatments, you can minimize the risk of disease and enjoy good health for many years to come. Trust us and take care of your health today!

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP – what is it? Pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection (PrEP) is a method that protects people who are seronegative (those who have not yet been exposed to HIV) from infection. Studies show that it is effective in up to 92% of cases. This type of therapy is mainly aimed at people who are more […]


Gynecological prophylaxis

Gynecological prophylaxis – what is it? The main goal of gynecological prophylaxis is to prevent diseases and, if detected, to start treatment at an early stage of development. Prevention includes regular examinations such as: cytology, gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound, hormonal tests. As part of cervical cancer prevention, HPV vaccination is also performed. If we use […]

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Dermatological Prevention

Dermatological Prevention – what does it involve? During the visit, the medical history should include information about newly developed skin changes, noticed abnormalities in existing moles that have been present for years, and information about exposure to factors that increase the risk of skin cancer. The most important element of a skin examination is a […]

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Prevention of hair loss

Causes and prevention At the root of hair loss lie a variety of causes, from genetic factors to poor diet. Finding the reasons that are responsible for baldness in a particular case will not only allow for the determination of effective treatment, but also the use of prevention that will reduce hair loss in the […]