profilaktyka ginekologiczna

Gynaecological prophylaxis

1 Many women find gynaecological examinations embarrassing. For this reason, in our clinic we focus on the psychological comfort of our patients. We take care to ensure full comfort, both during the interview and the examination. The basic one is a manual vaginal and breast examination, which can be extended with further examinations if necessary. […]

nietrzymanie moczu

Urinary incontinence – treatments

It consists in involuntary, partial or complete emptying of the bladder under the influence of physical exertion, and even coughing. There are many causes of urinary incontinence, from urinary tract infections, through hormonal changes causing loss of elasticity of tissues and childbirth, to chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or diabetes. Urinary incontinence treatments are […]


Gynecological prophylaxis

Gynecological prophylaxis – what is it? The main goal of gynecological prophylaxis is to prevent diseases and, if detected, to start treatment at an early stage of development. Prevention includes regular examinations such as: cytology, gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound, hormonal tests. As part of cervical cancer prevention, HPV vaccination is also performed. If we use […]

Zabiegi laserowe do kategorii medycyna estetyczna

Laser treatments

Lasers used in aesthetic medicine In aesthetic medicine, different types of lasers are used – high, medium, low or very low power, continuous or pulsed lasers. The active center of such a laser can also be different, that is, what determines its parameters. We distinguish solid, liquid, gas and semiconductor lasers. Each of them solves […]