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Correction of the tip of the nose

The correction of the tip of the nose is chosen by people who are satisfied with its general shape (no hump or pronounced curves), but do not like how the cartilage of the tip of the nose looks like. It may be that the tip of the nose is drooping, “spread”, too massive or ended in a ball, which is a source of complexes.

If the nose is generally not crooked, you can opt only for the correction of the cartilage nose, i.e. modeling of soft tissues, cartilage, without interfering with the bone. During this procedure, the tip of the nose can be lifted, shortened and/or narrowed. You can also narrow or model the wide wings of the nose or its holes. Correction of the tip of the nose is shorter and less extensive than full rhinoplasty. The operation brings a big change in the appearance of the whole face.

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Correction of the tip of the nose – what is it?

Typically, the operation is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision on the nose post, and then separates the skin from the cartilage and bone scaffold. The next stage is modeling the cartilage of the tip of the nose, removing its excess, narrowing, stitching together or shortening. This reduces tip projection. The operation ends with suturing the cuts, applying short dressings to the nasal passages, and immobilizing the skin of the nose with a narrow thermoplastic dorsal splint.


Correction of the tip of the nose – for whom?

Correction of the shape of the nose is a surgical procedure intended for people over 18 years of age who are not satisfied with the appearance of the tip of their nose. People whose nose is eligible for the procedure are:

  • upturned
  • sloping
  • bulbous
  • too big at the tip
  • split at the tip
  • clearly asymmetric
  • endowed with excessive projection (protrusion of the tip)


Recommendations before the procedure

Before the planned correction of the tip of the nose, the patient should comply with the following recommendations:

  • a complete set of tests necessary to perform the procedure should be provided: complete blood count, platelets, ionogram, coagulation system (APTT and INR), glucose, HBS-antigen, HCV-antibodies.
  • sometimes the doctor orders additional tests in the case of health conditions that could be contraindications to the procedure.
  • two weeks before the procedure, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin and all its derivatives.
  • you should stop smoking at least 4 weeks before the planned procedure.
  • do not drink alcohol for at least 3 days before the planned procedure.
  • the day before the procedure, an easily digestible diet is recommended.
  • on the day of the procedure, the patient should come to the clinic on an agreed date on an empty stomach.
  • before the operation, you should carefully blow your nose, remove jewelry and wash off your makeup.


Recommendations after the procedure

The patient wears short dressings in the nasal passages for 24 hours after surgery to prevent bleeding. After this time, the doctor removes them and the patient can go home. After 7-10 days, the cast and sutures are removed. In the meantime, swelling and bruising around the eyes may appear. The nose after surgery is swollen, especially around the tip. There may be temporary problems with breathing through the nose, which should not last longer than 3 – 4 weeks. Sauna and sun should be strictly avoided during the recovery period. For the first year after the procedure, you should protect your nose with an SPF cream with a high protective filter.

The effects of correcting the tip of the nose

The final effects of rhinoplasty are visible after a period of complete regeneration, which can last up to several months. After the correction, the patient’s profile improves, the nose looks more delicate and fits the face better.


Price list

As with most aesthetic surgeries, otoplasty aims to help overcome complexes associated with beauty defects. For many people considering surgery, the price of correction of protruding ears is often puzzling. It is not unambiguous, and usually differs depending on the offer of the selected plastic surgery clinic. The amount depends on many factors, such as the appearance and shape of the ears before the procedure. Often the price includes both the costs of care both during and after the procedure. It includes, among others: anesthesia, surgery, post-treatment equipment (elastic bandage, dressings), follow-up visits or the procedure of removing sutures. For this reason, the costs are most often determined individually after consultation with a doctor specializing in this field.

Correction of the tip of the nose
7000 – 9000 zł
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