• At latest on the day of procedure, you will need to provide results of the following tests (you can do it via e-mail at latest 2 days before the procedure - complete blood count, prothrombine time, INR, APTT, blood glucose level, total cholesterol, CRP, sodium and potassium levels, TSH, HIV, hepatitis B and C (The tests remain valid for 4 weeks of the day of the planned procedure).
  • One day before the procedure and on the day of the procedure you should refrain from consuming coffee, strong tea, energy drinks (e.g. Red Bull, Tiger) and alcohol.
  • Discontinue any vitamins and dietary supplements 7 days before the procedure.
  • If using minoxidil (Alopexy, Loxon 2% or 5%), discontinue the therapy at least 2 weeks before the procedure. Treatment with finasteride (if applicable) and medications for chronic conditions may be continued.
  • Before the procedure cut the hair at 2 mm unless agreed otherwise during consultations. (It is possible to perform the procedure without cutting the hair in the recipient area, a doctor’s qualification is required. The price of the procedure is +15%)
  • Do not smoke or limit smoking significantly a week before then procedure and two weeks after. (Smoking reduces blood circulations and slows down healing.)
  • Do not take aspirin, nor any other preparations or other antithrombotic drugs for two weeks before and after the procedure. (Aspirin influence blood coagulations and may increase risk of haemorrhage).

If you have a cold, fever, ulcers or any other infection, immediately inform the doctor performing the procedure.


  • On the procedure day, in the morning wash your hair and do not apply any hairstyling products such as gel, pasta, hairspray etc.
  • Eat a light breakfast in the morning.
  • Come in a buttoned-up shirt for the procedure (do not wear anything that would require putting your head through).
  • Leave jewellery and other valuables at home.
  • Take a light lunch (sandwich, fruit, etc.) with you – there will be a short break between the collection and implantation of the hair follicles.


  • Please organize you transport, preferably a car, to return home in a comfortable position. After the procedure, you will be capable to drive.
  • Please organize good recuperative conditions at home so that after the procedure you could relax.
  • Just in case, organize somebody who would be able to help you for the first week after the procedure, especially for the first 24 hours.


  • Payment of a reservation fee as an advance payment to out bank account is a precondition for reservation of the procedure.
3.000 PLN to:or1.000 EUR to:
Credit AgricoleCredit Agricole
IBAN: PL23 1940 1076 3231 0926 0000 0000IBAN: PL12 1940 1076 3231 1532 0000 0000
Kierach Medical Clinic Sp. z o.o. Chrobrego 4/U5, 02-479 WarszawaKierach Medical Clinic Sp. z o.o Chrobrego 4/U5, 02-479 Warszawa

In the transfer title please provide your name and family name together with date of the procedure (agreed previously with a doctor).

Failure to pay the deposit within 30 days of setting the date of the procedure is tantamount to resignation – the date is unblocked for other patients.

  1. The advance payment will be put on the price of the procedure.
  2. If the procedure is not canceled within less than 14 days from the agreed date, failure to appear on the scheduled date of the procedure or failure to provide current, ordered blood test results, the down payment is not refundable. Postponing the procedure 7 days or less before the scheduled date of the procedure results in the loss of the deposit. The payment of the deposit means acceptance of the above conditions.


  1. We accept cash and credit/debit cards.
  2. We accept bank transfer to our bank account, no later than 5 business days before the procedure. Please take your transaction confirmation with you.

Installment payment is possible via (information at the end of the page). For individuals working in Poland.


Kierach Medical Clinic

Bolesława Chrobrego 4/U5, 02-634 Warsaw, Poland

1st floor, entry phone: 102 (Parking is available behind the building). We invite you at 10:00, unless otherwise agreed.


During the hair transplant, it is possible to collect additional material for the Regenera Activa treatment. Stem cells are separated from the collected material and, before hair implantation, they are administered in mesotherapy to areas requiring regeneration. The indications are: miniaturization of hair follicles in the course of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) outside and/or in the transplant area. More information at: –> Offer –> Hair loss –> Regenera Activa

There is no need for additional preparation before the procedure. The cost of the FUE-Regenera treatment is the standard price of the FUE treatment + PLN 4,000 stem cells (around 900 EUR).


The service is intended for people who do not want to wait for the FUE-DHI treatment. We guarantee that the procedure will be carried out within 30 days (or in the month chosen by the patient) from the consultation, provided that all necessary tests are provided. Treatments carried out entirely by Dr. Artur Kierach. 30% will be added to the cost of the procedure. More information: VIP consultations


Installment payments are made via for people working in Poland. Free calculation is available at +48 22 266-83-70. Code under which Kierach Medical Clinic is registered: 6642 (needed for the application).

Sample calculation:

Loan amountMonthly installment in PLN (12 months)Monthly installment (PLN) (24 months)Monthly installment (PLN) (36 months)Monthly installment (PLN) (60 months)
10.000 PLN933,33516,64377,78246,67
15.000 zł1400,00774,96566,67370,00
20.000 zł1866,671033,28755,56493,33
Installment payments