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Vaginal laser therapy

It is a safe method of restoring tension to the vaginal walls. It is distinguished by efficiency and a high degree of security.

Laser therapy of vaginal diseases is an increasingly popular method of treatment in cases such as a decrease in tension and relaxation of the vagina caused by childbirth or perinatal injuries, menopause, weight change, infections, vaginal discharge and the aging process. The aim of vaginal laser therapy is to restore its elasticity, reduce its size, improve hydration and thus improve the daily functioning of a woman. The expected results can be achieved after just one treatment.

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About vaginal laser therapy

Vaginal laser therapy is a helpful procedure when there is a loss of tension in the vaginal walls and the skin of the vulva. It is quite common and usually increases with age and after each subsequent natural birth. These changes reduce the comfort and satisfaction of intimate life. With this type of disease, dryness in the vagina and vulva is felt, which can cause disturbances in the bacterial flora. Laser vaginal surgery helps to avoid the resulting discomforts, such as vaginal discharge, itching and burning in the intimate area. Laser therapy is also used in the treatment of urinary incontinence.


The course of vaginal laser therapy and preoperative recommendations

An important element of proper preparation for the procedure is a detailed discussion of vaginal laser therapy with a gynecologist. Although it does not require any prior special preparation, the patient who intends to undergo the procedure should have an up-to-date gynecological examination, including cervical cytology. In the case of an abnormal Pap test result, the procedure may be performed after the end of treatment. The aim of the treatment is to restore the elasticity of the vagina, reduce its size and improve hydration. The desired effect can be obtained after just one treatment, but for fully satisfactory results, it can be repeated after approx. 6 weeks. The laser vaginal narrowing procedure itself is carried out by inserting an endovaginal head with a scanner. The laser acts directly on the vaginal walls, where it causes numerous, precise micro-injuries in the mucosa, which stimulate the vagina to regenerate. As a result, new cells and glands are formed. In addition, the laser heats the vaginal mucosa, along with the collagen contained in its tissues. As a result of high temperature, collagen fibers contract, and new ones appear in return, which influences the reconstruction of the entire vaginal mucosa. There are deep processes inside the tissues, thanks to which the vagina becomes more tense, elastic and less flaccid. The number of vaginal laser treatments is determined individually during consultations with a specialist. In most cases, only one treatment is enough. The effect of the treatment is noticeable after about a month from its performance and lasts for several years. The exception may be the next delivery, during which it is possible to stretch the tissues again.


Narrowing of the vaginal lumen with a laser – indications?

Vaginal laser therapy is recommended for all women suffering from a decrease in vaginal tension and relaxation caused by childbirth, menopause, perinatal injuries, weight change, infections, vaginal discharge, and the aging process. Other indications for laser therapy include:

  • loose vaginal syndrome,
  • loss of elasticity of the labia,
  • mild stress urinary incontinence,
  • discoloration of intimate areas,
  • scars after incision of the perineum, after cesarean section, skin stretch marks.


Recommendations after vaginal laser therapy

The vaginal laser therapy treatment is completely painless and does not require long convalescence. The entire healing process takes about 7 days. In order to achieve the desired results, during the first week after the procedure, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • avoiding increased physical effort for 7 days after the procedure,
  • exual abstinence for the first week after the treatment,
  • using hygienic insoles in the event of serous leakage,
  • avoiding bathing in a bathtub for a week,
  • not using a shower during the first 24 hours after the treatment.


Vaginal laser therapy – effects

The result of vaginal laser therapy is a significant improvement in the firmness of the organ and the recovery of sexual satisfaction as a result of the procedure. The method is completely non-invasive, and the procedure itself is performed in sterile conditions of a gynecological office. Recovery after laser therapy is quick and does not require the use of painkillers or antibiotics. Narrowing the vagina with a laser restores its natural pH, increases elasticity and stimulates the production of glycogen responsible for its hydration. Patients suffering from itching, dryness and frequent infections feel relieved and significantly improved after the procedure. This has a direct impact on the improvement of the quality of everyday functioning. Systematic training of the Kegel muscles maintains the effect for longer. However, if the woman is in the menopausal period, hormone replacement therapy may be considered to maintain the result of the procedure. This is done by maintaining the right level of hormones.


Vaginal laser therapy – feedback

Laser vaginal surgery is minimally invasive and almost completely painless. Only mild pain may appear while treating the area of ​​the vaginal opening. Contraindications to the procedure are pregnancy, cancer, and vaginal infection. The procedure takes no longer than 20 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. Patients’ opinions about vaginal laser therapy confirm the compliance with the results predicted by the doctor. The treatment improves vaginal hydration, which reduces the symptoms of dyspareunia. In most cases, a significant reduction in adverse symptoms was achieved.


Vaginal aserotherapy treatment price

Only one laser vaginal narrowing procedure is enough to obtain satisfactory clinical results. However, in the case of a much more advanced problem, it is recommended to do it again. It is for this reason that the price of vaginal laser therapy can vary. The price depends on many factors, such as the original condition of the vagina before the procedure. For this reason, the costs are most often determined individually after consultation with a doctor specializing in this field.

Price negotiable
Vaginal laser therapy (firming / urinary incontinence)
1500 – 3500 PLN
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