Currently, hair loss problems affects millions of people all around the world. However, it is difficult to clearly identify their cause – it’s an individual problem whose source may differ depending on the patient. Some patients lose hair due to chronic stress, for others it is a hereditary disorder. Only an individual consultation with a doctor allows them to find the real cause of hair loss and implement an effective treatment method. It is of great importance to keep common sense and not to make hasty decisions in spite of feeling uncomfortable with the issue. Testing every method which you encounter on the way may result in great stress and effort as well as cost us a lot of money, which in most cases may lead to greater hair loss.

Therapeutic treatments instead of hair transplant

The most crucial element of hair loss treatment is the proper diagnosis. A preliminary discussion about our hair disorders can be conducted online; however, it’s always advisable to make an appointment for an on-the-spot consultation before making any decisions – then the doctor will be able to view our head carefully and order some further medical examination, like blood tests. In the initial stages of hair loss, a pharmaceutical treatment is usually effective; that’s why it’s important not to delay a doctor’s appointment for too long. If the hair loss is minor and the hair thinning is hardly visible, the hair transplant may seem unnecessary – thanks to therapeutic treatments, modern medicine enables us to overcome the problem of hair loss in many ways. In many cases such actions help us avoid surgical interference and often positively affect the reconstruction of healthier and stronger hair; they will never lower the hairline, though.

Mesotherapy and laser therapy

Mesotherapy of the scalp is one of the most commonly performed therapeutic treatments. It is a technique that uses delicate injections into the scalp. This type of treatment is carried out topically, directly in the area of hair thinning or hair loss. Mesotherapy usually lasts form a few to even a dozen of weeks, usually bringing satisfactory final results. Vitamin or/ and peptide compounds are injected into the area affected by hair loss or baldness. Frequent sessions should result in stronger and healthier hair growth. Therapeutic treatments also include laser therapy. It’s one of the most demanding methods of hair loss treatment. Patients who opt for this solution have to undergo red laser scalp exposure (LLLT) for the period of 3-4 months, which when applied regularly may hinder an excessive hair loss as well as improve its quality.

Treatment method is chosen by the doctor

It is the doctor who recommends a patient the best method, which should bring the desired results. Every case is different, so we need to bear in mind that what is beneficial for one patient may prove to be ineffective and even harmful for the other. Although clinical treatments don’t usually require a patient to be actively involved in the procedure and are often carried out during a lunch break, for example, in some cases it may be too late to apply them. Time plays here a key role, that’s why as soon as we notice hair loss problem, we should immediately contact a doctor who will help us choose the most effective method of treatment for us.