Whenever considering hair restoration, a patient must have a physician with experience and results designing natural-looking hairlines. There are several ways to assess a physicians expertise and creativity in creating natural hairlines such as: 

  1. During consultation, speak with the physician about their ideas/suggestions for the design of your natural hairline
  2. Discuss their process for designing a unique and personal hairline
  3. Ask for before & after results and have the ability (if possible) to speak with former patients.

Creating a natural hairline isn’t easy as every individual has different needs. There are several factors that are in play when planning a successful hairline such as:

  • Type of hair (thin vs. thick)
  • Curvature of hair
  • Insertion direction of the hair follicles
  • Amount of hair follicles (singles vs. groups of follicles), etc.

Drawing a hairline on your scalp in planning is just one piece of the picture. As a prospective patient, you need to discuss each of the above processes to help understand which physicians have the expertise necessary to produce the best possible results for your hair restoration surgery.

Should a physician not take the above factors and processes seriously and spend the time to review how they will approach each for your unique case, you should probably seek additional physicians for consideration for your hair restoration surgery.

Hope this helps!

posted by ISHRS on September 11, 2015

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