And what if the sky was always blue, you could sleep as long as you wished, and all the people were healthy and with perfect hair on their heads? Unfortunately, there is no such world without its problems. Yet “nothing is impossible” actually stems from somewhere … If you really want something, there will always be a solution to help you get there.

The perfect hair transplantation clinic

It is possible to make dreams come true, but this often involves both a lot of great effort and substantial expenses. This is completely different, however, in the case of hair recovery, as you can have a hair transplant in nearly all cases. Thanks to the rapid development of modern medicine, such a solution helps to cope even with genetically-conditioned hair loss! The decision to undergo the procedure should not be made on the spur of the moment, but should always be preceded by extensive research from a suitable clinic, examining the experience of many doctors, sometimes even from various parts of the world. At the initial stage of your search, information found on the Internet probably plays a vital role. However, please take note that a face-to-face meeting should be the key element of your surgeon’s assessment. The hair transplantation method or the number of transplants performed by the doctor during the day should be among the things you should pay special attention to. The FUE method is an excellent choice because it is an innovative technique that does not leave linear scars at the back of your head. Recovery after the procedure takes only a few days. I have already discussed the questions to be asked to your doctor before the procedure HERE. You need to select an experienced practitioner in order to avoid complications resulting from a wrongly performed hair transplant. Lack of necessary experience usually ends up with many mistakes visible at first glance, such as an unnatural hairline or hair growing back in different directions. Ideally, the hair transplant procedure should be performed by a doctor and not by a technician working in the clinic.

What should the consultation look like?

During the consultation, the doctor determines the cause of the current hair loss which is also of great importance when assessing the risk of future hair loss. Before any action is taken, a number of tests must be carried out, usually including a blood test. When planning treatment, the doctor should always take into account the patient’s age and hair loss pattern. We are all humans, so it is important to talk openly: the patient should express his or her hair transplantation expectations without embarrassment, and the doctor must realistically assess the chances of reaching the target. Only mutual understanding can bring about success and results satisfactory for both parties.

Quick recovery

After the hair transplant procedure performed using the FUE method, recovery takes only 5-7 days. Thanks to the quick recovery opportunities, patients often plan the procedures performed with this method during their regular holidays from work. A well-performed procedure does not leave any visible scars, which allows for wearing a short hairstyle in the future. The transplanted hair starts to grow back after 3-4 months, and after only 6 months the patient can enjoy the first effects of a successful transplant – a head full of healthy hair.