Most men face the problem of hair loss, the intensity of which is often dependent on genetics. However, the nature has endowed us with a feature that allows us to begin a fight against this type of baldness. Even those affected by advanced male baldness have hair at the back and on the sides of the head, and thus they have hair follicles suitable for transplantation elsewhere. In surgical hair reconstruction only genetically strong hair is used, that is those which are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and such is the hair at the back and on the sides of the head! Having the substance for transplantation, you only need an experienced doctor and a good treatment plan to achieve long-lasting results.

Is my hair suitable for transplantation?

During the initial assessment of the patient’s head condition, the doctor pays attention to many characteristics of the hair and the general record of its loss. A good candidate for FUE hair transplant method has hair at the back and on the sides of the head because they are a substantial material to be transplanted elsewhere (therefore, the organism doesn’t reject hair transplant). Another important feature of hair follicles extracted from the above- mentioned areas is the fact that they are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). During the treatments performed at HairCenter Kierach, hair follicles are extracted manually (not by robots), which allows for full control during the extraction process. This method of extracting hair follicles is extremely laborious and time-consuming, which makes it a challenging task. The doctor performing the procedure must be careful not to remove hair follicles situated too close to each other as well as not to damage the overgrown parts of the head. When extracting the transplant material, it is also important to leave an adequate room for the treatment of possible baldness in other areas of the head. It’s worth remembering that any changes in hair density from the area are minimal, which means they have no influence on the overall cosmetic effect. The extraction of hair follicles requires skilfulness, expertise and, above all, experience from the procedure performer. These are gained through medical studies as well as years of training. I perform all the treatments at HairCenter Kierach myself, which allows me to monitor every hair follicle – from the extraction to the implementation – guaranteeing the highest quality of the procedure.

Lowering the hairline

Patients who decide on hair transplant surgery usually care about lowering the hairline. Everyone would like the hairline to be low enough because it is the hairline that frames our face and makes us look younger. However, we must remember that the hairline should not always be aggressive and low. In many cases, designing a slightly higher line results in a more natural appearance and suits the patient’s face better. An experienced doctor will always adjust it in such a way that it will look natural in a few years.

A permanent solution to hair loss

FUE hair transplant method is a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. The healing process after the surgery is extremely fast and painless, and the results are enjoyably visible after less than 6 months. The first growth begins after about 3 months after the procedure, while all the transplanted hair grows up to 12 months. A great advantage of the transplanted hair is the fact that it is becoming stronger and thicker month by month, and the improvement in its quality is noticeable at first glance!