Getting The Best From Your Donor Hair With FUE

Much is said how the FUE hair transplant technique is far superior to previous techniques, but Follicular Unit Extraction must be performed within certain protocols to ensure the technique maintains the quality of your hair around the back and sides of your head, known as the donor area.
For all of us the donor hair is finite, once the hair is removed it has gone, it does not regrow, so care must be taken how much and from where the hair is removed to ensure area remains healthy and strong with little to no obvious signs any procedure has been performed.
As the density of hair reduces with every follicular unit removed it becomes important to maintain and refined pattern of extraction. This allows for the maximum number of follicular units to be extracted per procedure, and overtime with multiple procedures but also maintains the quality of your hair and scalp.
Dr. Artur believes a pure approach is required by the Doctor when performing FUE to ensure the overall quality of the result is achieved. From the mapping of the donor area which can be dictated by several factors such as hair density and hair characteristics can determine what can safely be removed now and overtime.
With FUE if an educated pattern of extraction is adhered to spreading the extraction points will result in very little change to the area, with the maximum care being taken will result in high quality graft survival and optimal yield being achieved of hair growth.

The Desirable Hair Transplant Technique
With two recognised hair transplant techniques it can be confusing which is the right one for you. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE); the main variant between the techniques is the way the hair is removed from the scalp
Hair loss is progressive generally and knowing how advanced the pattern of hair loss will become is difficult, especially in the earlier stages. A plan must be made to ensure a balanced coverage can be sustained as well as a natural looking density achieved.
Dr. Artur Kierach has been performing FUE for almost a decade to the highest standard. His Pure FUE method of taking control of each aspect of the procedure allows him to manage hands-on the quality of your result from start to finish.
With FUE it is possible to extract each follicular unit independently to the next. This allows the hair groups to be removed with minimal change to the area and when performed to a high standard there are little to no obvious signs even with short hair or on close inspection.
Pure FUE allows us to cherry-pick the calibre of hair units required for different areas of the hair replacement, for example, the hairline requires a finer hair calibre to create a soft natural hairline.
On the right candidate FUE can treat minor hairline reconstruction to more advanced hair loss stages effectively with a natural looking hair density and a balanced coverage.

Is the Hair Loss Cure Round The Corner?
Estimated annual sales of hair growth products is said to be close to $3.6 billion. The most common hair loss condition is male or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). It is estimated that genetic hair loss may affect up to 80% of men into their 70´s. Specialists suggest baldness patterns are inherited from a combination of factors from both sides of the family, with potentially some environmental factors that come into play, too.
Minoxidil and Finasteride, the two well-known hair loss treatments on the market, can slow hair loss, but they don’t grow new hair. They were both discovered accidentally. Minoxidil, a topical product was originally developed as a blood-pressure drug. Finasteride was originally developed as a treatment for enlarged prostates. It inhibits the creation of DHT. Both products have drawbacks, if you stop taking either drug, you will lose the hair you would have lost in the duration of your usage.
At present, although there is no cure for hair loss treatment can help maintain your hair and with the use of a hair transplant procedure on the right candidate you can preserve your existing hair whilst rebuilding areas of hair loss. For example, rebuild lost hairlines or crown areas. A hair transplant in skilled hands can treat even advanced hair loss conditions.
Dr. Artur Kierach specialises in the FUE hair transplant technique. FUE is the minimally invasive hair transplant technique that removes one hair unit at a time to minimise the change around the scalp. It is a highly specialised technique when performed to the highest standard and in the wrong hands can result in poor growth and visible scarring. Hence Dr Artur insists on being part of every aspect of his Pure FUE procedures he performs.

A Traditional Attitude To The FUE Hair Transplant Technique
With the world moving faster and gadgets supposedly making our lives easier and faster there are some aspects that buck the trend.
FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, uses a cylindrical punch that covers a hair follicle and punches the skin, so the hairs can be removed. This leaves a small wound mark on the skin that heals superficially in a few days.
Over time numerous forms of the technique have been tried and tested with various degrees of success. From the material and diameter of the punch to the automation of the tool, from manual to motorised to robotic. The driving force to many changes has been to make FUE faster.
Traditionally, FUE was performed with a manual punch, held in the hand with the depth and angle of the punch controlled by the Doctor holding the instrument. Technically FUE is a blind extraction technique as only the exit point of the hair from the skin can be seen, what goes on below the surface is unknown.
Dr. Artur Kierach says, “robotic apparatus has become more popular to perform FUE, while it is much faster and needs less personal input I have always found the best results for donor management to safe harvesting of the hair, with minimum scarring and maximum yield have been achieved with a manual approach to the FUE technique.”
For close to a decade Dr. Artur has practised what he considers to be Pure FUE, that is, punching, extracting and placement of the follicular units himself along with a technician. This allows him to ensure all aspects of the procedure he performs are to the highest level of quality and care.
“For me, I would rather sacrifice having to take a little longer to achieve the final result and ensure that each and every graft I extract, and place is of the highest quality rather than reaching a higher number or finishing faster at the risk of damaging the grafts and the donor area” says Dr. Artur.

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