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Vaginal narrowing

Vaginal narrowing is a procedure that corrects the width of the vagina and defects in the perineum.

In the course of the vaginal narrowing procedure, the doctor removes excess tissue from the intimate area and corrects perineal defects that have a negative impact on sex life and cause frequent infections and heavy vaginal discharge. The indication for the procedure is primarily the stretching of the circular muscles of the vagina and damage to the pelvic floor muscles.

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About the procedure

A difficult and long delivery may require an episiotomy or various vaginal injuries, which can lead to excessive stretching of the vaginal muscles and damage to the pelvic floor muscles. As a result, the perineum may be lowered and the vaginal vestibule and vaginal opening enlarged. Similar symptoms can also be the result of strenuous exercise. Often, the only way to treat the above ailments is to perform a vaginal narrowing procedure.


What does the procedure look like?

Vaginal narrowing is a gynecological operation performed under general or subarachnoid anesthesia. The procedure is performed on the operating table in the gynecological position. Immediately before the operation, the doctor marks the lines of the planned cuts, which allows you to precisely determine the tissue fragments that will be removed. Then, during the operation, the doctor removes the excess posterior vaginal wall, and also corrects defects within the muscles of the pelvic base and the bulbospongiosus muscle. Finally, the doctor performs a perineoplasty. After the operation, only a small external suture remains. The operation usually lasts 1-1.5 hours, and about 2-4 hours after its completion, the patient is mobilized. After the procedure, the patient can drink liquids and eat easily digestible foods. The patient is discharged home the same or the next day. The postoperative wound heals in 7-10 days, and you can return to everyday tasks after a few days. Return to full activity usually occurs 4-6 weeks after surgery.


Who is the treatment dedicated to?

Vaginal narrowing is recommended for women who have had a rupture or stretching of the vagina and perineum, most often as a result of long and difficult natural childbirth. In addition, the treatment can be used by people whose changes in intimate areas are the result of hard physical work.



Before the vaginal stenosis procedure, the laboratory tests indicated by the doctor should be performed and the blood group should be determined. After surgery it is recommended:

  • frequent washing under running water and using a washing-up preparation,
  • crotch care with a disinfectant,
  • avoiding perineal strain and sitting for 7 days,
  • avoiding physical exertion and heavy lifting for 14 days,
  • taking oral medications to prevent constipation,
  • ad hoc use of generally available painkillers,
  • abstaining from sexual intercourse for about 6 weeks after the procedure.
In addition, it is recommended to remain under the supervision of a doctor for about 4 weeks after the procedure. Importantly, the vaginal narrowing procedure is not a contraindication to another pregnancy.



The effect of the treatment is a narrowed vagina and improved pelvic floor muscle tone. In addition, the crotch is lifted, i.e. the distance between the vestibule of the vagina and the anus. During the operation, the doctor also removes excess vaginal mucosa. As a result of the procedure, the patient is able to feel the pleasure of sex more strongly, which significantly improves the quality of intimate life. Equally important, the narrower entrance to the vagina allows you to reduce such ailments as excessive discharge or inflammation.

Vaginal narrowing is more and more often chosen by women who, as a result of difficult childbirth, face the problem of lowering the perineum and enlargement of the vestibule and entrance to the vagina. The procedure allows them to regain health, satisfaction with sex life and self-confidence.

The exact price of the procedure is determined individually during one of the consultations with our doctor.

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