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Scar removal

Self-confidence is essential on a daily basis. thanks to it you can achieve success and joy in life. This certainty is built, among others, by the appearance.

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The most frequently cited reason for lack of self-confidence is an unsatisfactory appearance. The reason for this may be, for example, scars in visible places. Scar removal is currently one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments. At Kierach Medical Clinic, we offer you professional and completely safe removal of convex and concave scars. Our specialists know how to remove a scar so that the patient regains a beautiful, healthy appearance and can enjoy life.

What are the causes of scarring?

Scars are serious changes resulting from damage to the dermis. The damaged place is spontaneously filled with fibrous connective tissue. As a result, the scar differs in color from the rest of the skin on the body. It can take various shapes, from convex, through flat to concave. Removing scars is restoring the skin’s natural and healthy look in an unsightly place. Scars form for various reasons. One of the most common is improper skin care during puberty. Scars are the result of inflammation within the pilosebaceous unit. Lack of sufficient hygiene and improper removal of inflammations result in hollow and unsightly scars. Acne scars are most common on the face. Removal of scars is also recommended, for example, after chickenpox or in the event of mistakes made after operations.

Laser scar removal and surgical scar removal

In our offer you will find professional and – most importantly – safe and effective ways to remove scars. The first is laser scar removal and the second is surgical scar removal. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the will of the patient and the doctor’s recommendation. They can also complement each other. Laser scar removal is an aesthetic medicine treatment involving safe and controlled destruction of skin cells. Thus, the skin is forced to regenerate. Laser scar removal does not require a long recovery period, and the effects are visible immediately after the scar has healed. On the other hand, surgical scar removal involves precise excision of the scar and suturing of the skin. Appropriate incision and suturing with specialized threads makes the scar area look aesthetically pleasing and healthy.

What about before the scar removal procedure?

ZTreatments such as surgical or laser scar removal are recommended for all people who feel discomfort because of their appearance. Each treatment is preceded by a specialist examination and a conversation with a specialist. During this conversation, the patient is informed about the course of laser or surgical scar removal. At Kierach Medical Clinic, we approach all patients individually, taking into account their health condition, expectations and wishes. The patient learns how to remove the scar in the safest way, what are the effects of the procedure and how to care for the skin after the procedure. There are no specific contraindications for the procedure. Laser or surgical scar removal are procedures performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to this, the patient during the removal of the scar is fully aware and in contact with specialists. We are happy to answer your questions and dispel doubts.

Post-treatment care

At Kierach Medical Clinic, the removal of convex and concave scars is a completely safe process. After the procedure, no special care or additional surgical or laser intervention is required. During the conversation with the specialist before removing the scar, patients are informed about the correct procedures after removal of moles, for example, you should refrain from sunbathing, using certain creams and physical exercise for the duration of convalescence. It is also worth remembering about appropriate airy clothes and – if so recommended by a specialist – about appropriate professional dressings. One of the most searched phrases on the internet is “scar removal effect”. When it comes to post-treatment care and unwanted side effects, they are almost non-existent. Already at the stage of the initial conversation, the specialist, during the medical interview, qualifies the patient for the procedure and informs how to remove the scar in a way that guarantees the recovery of a beautiful appearance as soon as possible.

Scar removal – effects

As with other treatments – for example, wrinkle correction or facial volumetry – the most visible effects are those related to the appearance. Patients, entering the phrases: “scar removal effects” or “scar removal price” into an internet search engine, often look for specific examples of the treatment effects and price. The visible effect of such a procedure as scar removal is the complete removal of an unsightly scar or a significant reduction in its visibility. The skin after the treatment retains its elasticity, glow and healthy, natural appearance. It is often impossible to completely remove the scar, but a professional treatment allows you to reduce the visibility of imperfections. People who decide to remove scars achieve – in addition to improving their appearance – also higher self-esteem, self-confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. Reduction or removal of wrinkles affects psychological comfort and relationships with other people. When looking for information such as: “scar removal price”, it should be remembered that the cost of the procedure depends, among other things, on the size of the scar, its type and the method of removal used.

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