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Upper eyelid surgery -blapharoplasty

It is a surgical procedure involving the removal of excess flaccid skin accumulated in the area of the upper eyelid. Sometimes the doctor also decides to remove the so-called fatty hernia.

Upper eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is intended for both women and men. It lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The indication for blepharoplasty may be both aesthetic and medical.

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Upper eyelid surgery – about the procedure

With age, the skin around the eyes sags, aging the face and giving it a tired look. Excess flaccid skin in the upper eyelids may additionally limit the field of vision, hindering everyday functioning.

It happens when excess skin on the upper eyelids obscures the pupil, the opening through which light enters the eye. In order to improve our field of vision, we unconsciously raise our eyebrows, exposing ourselves not only to tension headaches, but also to deepening wrinkles around the forehead. Upper eyelid surgery solves these problems. Thanks to it, we can regain the correct field of view and a more youthful and rested appearance.


What does the upper eyelid correction procedure look like?

Before the procedure, the correction of the upper eyelids

Since upper eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure, it requires prior consultation with a surgeon who, based on a medical history and assessment of the appearance of the upper eyelids, qualifies the patient for surgery. During the consultation, he excludes any contraindications and talks with the patient about his expectations regarding the effect obtained. Before the procedure, the patient should also perform some necessary tests: blood count, APTT, INR, prothrombin time, HbS antigen, anti HCV, glucose and creatinine.

During the procedure of upper eyelid correction

Before the surgeon starts the first incision, he anesthetizes the surgical area with a lidocaine injection. This is the only moment when the patient may feel any discomfort. The cut is made on the fold of the upper eyelid in such a way that it is practically invisible later. During the procedure, the surgeon removes excess loose skin and corrects the eye’s circular muscle. If the situation requires it, he also cuts out the fat around the eyeball that forms an orbital hernia. Non-absorbable sutures are applied to the wound, which are removed after about 7 days. After the procedure, the patient can go home the same day.


Upper eyelid surgery – recommendations after the procedure

For the first days after the surgery of upper eyelid surgery, a sparing lifestyle and not straining your eyesight is recommended. It is also not recommended to use the sauna, solarium and swimming pool for about a month. The existing swelling and bruising, which are a natural consequence of the surgeon’s intervention, can be soothed with cold compresses. Most often, however, they disappear after about 1-2 weeks after the procedure. Then the patient can return to full activity and enjoy the new appearance.


The effects of the correction of the upper eyelids

The effects are visible almost immediately after the bruising and swelling have subsided. Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids opens the eye and makes it bigger. The face also looks younger and more rested. Removing excess flabby tissue from the eye area increases the field of vision, thus improving the comfort of life. The obtained effect is long-lasting and may last up to several years.


Upper eyelid plastic pricelist

At the Kierach Medical Clinic, the exact price of upper eyelid surgery is presented by the doctor during the consultation.

Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
5000 PLN
Lower eyelid surgery
6000 PLN
Plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids
12000 PLN
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