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Scar reduction

Scars, whether post-operative or post-acne, can make life much more difficult and, above all, lower self-esteem.

It is worth taking care of your well-being and beautiful appearance and fighting imperfections with the use of innovative methods offered at Kierach Medical Clinic. There are many options – all you have to do is determine a safe way to treat your problem and get to work. Services such as smallpox scar removal, acne scar reduction and postoperative scar reduction in our clinic are addressed to people facing a visible aesthetic problem, regardless of age or gender. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of scar reduction at Kierach Medical Clinic.

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Acne scars – what is it?

Acne scars are characteristic skin changes that occur after acne. In many cases, atrophic scars are formed, i.e. classic skin depressions accompanied by discoloration. Such an unsightly form of scars is often the result of smallpox. In the treatment and reduction of this type of scars and other forms, e.g. platelet-rich plasma, dermapen, fractional laser and carboxytherapy. We invite you to familiarize yourself with each of the methods.


Reduction of scars with platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma for acne scars is one of the most effective treatments. The preparation is obtained from the patient’s own blood and as it is specific for the body, it is not a source of allergic reactions and does not irritate the skin. This means that the treatment is completely safe. However, these are not the only advantages of using plasma for scars. Among the benefits, it is also worth mentioning the active thrombocytes contained in the plasma. They are responsible for the multiplication and maturation of new epidermal cells. In addition, they contribute to the improvement of microcirculation and support the stimulation of fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers. All this has a significant impact on the revitalization of the skin.

Among the most important advantages of using platelet-rich plasma for scars, it is worth emphasizing the fact that it brings natural and gradual effects. At first, you may feel slight thickening under the skin, but it is a symptom that disappears completely spontaneously after a short time. The processes of cell renewal and the synthesis of new collagen fibers begin to take place in the skin. Scar reduction with platelet-rich plasma smoothes the skin, which is clearly noticeable, and acne scars or smallpox scars are much less visible. In addition to the obvious effects in the form of a smoother complexion, you also regain self-confidence and comfort.

The acne scar reduction treatment does not require convalescence and is short – it does not take longer than 30 minutes, but everything depends on the extent of changes on the skin. The visibility of the effects improves even within a few months after completing a series of treatments with platelet-rich plasma for scars.


Dermapen scar reduction

Dermapen for postoperative, post-traumatic, post-acne or smallpox scars is one of the leading methods of their reduction. Importantly, the dermapen also copes well with scars in its mature form. It is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures. Dermapen not only perfectly minimizes scars, but also restores skin firmness, smooth structure and proper, healthy color. This is due to the deep regeneration of the skin. By using the dermapen for acne scars, you can also give your skin a deep rejuvenating therapy.

The dermapen scar reduction treatment consists in performing micropunctures. The device has a disposable, sterile cartridge in which there are thin needles of adjustable length. Active substances are applied in place of microdamages, thanks to such application their absorption is even several hundred times more effective. The deliberate induction of controlled inflammation triggers the natural healing processes. There is an increased production of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, and collagen fibers are rebuilt. The effects of dermapen on acne scars include shallowing and smoothing of scars as well as evening out the color.


Fractional laser scar reduction

Removal of smallpox, acne and other scars with a fractional laser is one of the ways for risk-free, safe, complete skin regeneration. The fractional laser for scars is an innovative and modern solution that allows you to eliminate unsightly changes without pain.

The fractional laser for acne scars is used in a series of treatments. The course of the procedure includes irradiation with a laser beam of properly cleansed and disinfected skin. Immediately after the treatment, you may notice slight swelling and redness, but within a few days, the regeneration processes and the effective reconstruction of the damaged skin are stimulated. Scars as a result of ablation are replaced with regenerated, healthy tissue.

Removing scars with a fractional laser does not require a long recovery period, and the effects of using the laser can be noticeable immediately after healing. A spectacular difference occurs within 2 months of the treatment, when the shallowing of the scars is the most visible .


Scar reduction with carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy for scars is an excellent method for their removal and treatment without resorting to surgical intervention. In the case of carboxytherapy, healed scars are treated, as this method is not recommended for fresh scars.

Carboxytherapy has a number of advantages. First of all, scars of any type can be subjected to the procedure, e.g. burns or skin damage, which is why it is a method that is willingly used if you want, among others, reduction of postoperative scars. In addition, it is a precise and safe, low-invasive procedure that does not cause negative effects and does not require a long recovery time or preparation. The woven fabric is regenerated by stimulating the body’s natural regenerative forces, rather than using controlled damage.

Price list

If your goal is effective, safe and permanent reduction of various types of scars, we cordially invite you to sign up for consultations at Kierach Medical Clinic, where a qualified team of specialists with many years of practice awaits you.

Laser scar removal up to 4 cm
600 zł
Laser scar removal up to 10 cm
1100 zł
Laser removal of acne scars (1 area)
600 zł
Laser removal of acne scars (full face)
1600 zł
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