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Pharmacological treatment – against hair loss

One of the most popular and affordable methods of fighting hair loss – in most cases it can be implemented 100% online!

Pharmacological treatment is one of the most frequently used methods of fighting hair loss. During a regular or online visit, the doctor carefully selects drugs that not only inhibit the process of hair loss, but also significantly contribute to improving their quality and density. The first effects of pharmacological treatment are usually observed as early as 3 months after the start of therapy! Another advantage of pharmacological treatment is a relatively low price.

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Pharmacological treatment – what is it

Pharmacological treatment is not a procedure – it is the process of taking properly selected drugs, whose task is to stop hair loss and improve their quality and density. This method surpasses in its effectiveness all cosmetics dedicated to the fight against hair loss. This is because pharmacological treatment involves taking medicines to get to the source of the problem. Hair loss in itself is not a disease, it is the effect of another disease – to effectively stop alopecia, the basis is to find it, in other words, to get to the source of the problem and fight it. This can be helped by properly selected pharmacological treatment. Properly selected drugs can bring surprising results, sometimes even after 3 months of therapy. This speed of action of pharmacological treatment allows doctors to implement this method already on the basis of a reactivity test, even during a standard e-consultation (click HERE to use the e-consultation). The reactivity test consists of taking for 3 months the most popular (and at the same time the cheapest) drugs available on the market. The effectiveness of the implemented treatment is evaluated already during the next consultation, where the doctor not only looks at the results, but also gets acquainted with the results of the tests that the patient was previously asked to perform.


For whom is the pharmacological treatment of hair loss?

This method of fighting hair loss works best at the initial stage of alopecia, the moment when the patient notices increased hair loss. The time of response to the problem is of great importance, because we are not able to recover the lost hair follicles in any way (only a hair transplant can be helpful). The sooner you see a doctor, the fewer hair follicles you will lose and thus increase your chances of effective pharmacological treatment. However, it is worth remembering that each case of alopecia requires an individual assessment of the doctor-pharmacological treatment is often successfully implemented even in patients who have been struggling with the problem of hair loss for many years.

Pharmacological treatment is also of great importance when a patient is considering a hair transplant. Due to the pharmacological effects, FUE hair transplantation often requires the transplantation of fewer follicles. Many patients struggling with alopecia, thanks to properly conducted pharmacological treatment, managed, for example, to achieve the expected effect after 1 FUE procedure, which significantly reduced the cost of regaining healthy hair.


Recommendations and contraindications for the pharmacological treatment of hair loss

Pharmacological treatment is selected during a doctor’s consultation (online or in the office). If you are eligible for pharmacological treatment, you will receive a prescription and treatment recommendations from your doctor at your first visit. After the first visit, the patient is also asked to take blood tests for diagnostic purposes. Among the results of the tests that the doctor may ask for are often found, for example: blood morphology, CRP, OB, TSH, fT3, FT4, ferritin, Fe, cortisol, lipidogram, glucose, vitamin D, vitamin H, serum zinc, free testosterone, DHEAS, androstenedione, prolactin, progesterone.

The initiation of pharmacological treatment usually does not require special preparation from patients – specific recommendations are given by the doctor, depending on the treatment implemented.


Effects of pharmacological treatment of hair loss

The effects of pharmacological treatment are often seen as early as 3 months after the start of therapy. Pharmacological treatment helps to inhibit hair loss, as well as to increase their density.

The effects of treatment can be seen on the surface of the entire head, therefore, pharmacological therapy often helps to restore healthy hair to people struggling with alopecia at the top of the head, bends, as well as alopecia causing the formation of so-called high forehead.


How to start pharmacological treatment – consultation

In Kierach Medical Clinic pharmacological treatment can be implemented in two ways:

during consultation in the office (click HERE to schedule an appointment), during the e-consultation on the website drkierach.pl

E-consultation will work well as a first visit. On the basis of a detailed information form and sent photos of the head, the doctor is able to pre-determine the cause of hair loss, suggest treatments and order diagnostic tests. Online consultation allows us to solve the problem even in 80% of cases-without leaving the house, standing in traffic jams and adjusting your schedule for a visit in the clinic.

In some cases, however, a visit to the clinic proves necessary. The doctor then asks the patient to arrange a stationary consultation at a convenient time for him.

The decision on the form of consultation with a doctor belongs to the patient, therefore, in a situation where you are not decided on a particular method or simply prefer a stationary consultation, it is advisable to arrange a consultation in the doctor’s office.

Price list for hair loss treatment
1 treatment
5 treatments
Trichological consultation
300 PLN
Monocomponent mesotherapy
500 PLN
2300 PLN
Complex mesotherapy
800 PLN
3700 PLN
500 PLN
2300 PLN
Microneedling with vitamin mesotherapy
850 PLN
4000 PLN
Regenera Activa – stem cells
6500 PLN
Threads PDO
from 1000 PLN
Micropigmentation of the scalp (medical tattoo)
from 1500 PLN
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