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Penis enlargement with own fat

Penis size makes you dissatisfied with your sex life? We invite you to take advantage of the penis enlargement procedure with your own fat tissue!

The procedure of penis enlargement with own fat is primarily an improvement in the comfort of sexual life and a big step towards increasing the patient’s self-esteem. It is the perfect solution for men who are not satisfied with the size that nature has given them. The procedure itself is very safe and performed in sterile conditions in a doctor’s office. It is one of the most recommended methods for all patients who are considering enlarging or thickening their penis. However, it is worth remembering that each such decision should be preceded by an online consultation in a specialist’s office. He will rule out any contraindications and will tell you how to prepare for the procedure.

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What is penis enlargement surgery?

Technological advances in aesthetic medicine have made it possible to enlarge the penis several times. One of them is a method that allows you to do this using your own fat. This is great information for all those who have serious problems with self-esteem due to the size of their nature. Very often this translates into problems in sexual life, so it is worth taking care of your well-being and think about such a solution. First of all, the procedure using your own fat tissue is safe. It is also one of the least invasive, so it is one of the most frequently chosen options. Fat tissue taken from your own body does not cause any complications and is a material that is not rejected by the body. The procedure itself is carried out in an outpatient setting and does not require the use of a special regime before. The good news for all allergy sufferers and those who are afraid of the consequences is that the fat tissue taken from us will not cause allergies or irritations.


What is the course of penile enlargement surgery?

The procedure of syringing the penis with its own fat is primarily non-invasive, so it does not cause discomfort and pain. Before it is performed, the patient is locally anesthetized. The whole course is relatively short and takes about 60 minutes. The first step is to take fat tissue from the abdominal area. Thus, the fat collected is placed in a centrifuge, which prepares it for the procedure. The needle through which the fat is discharged is very thin, so it does not cause pain, wounds or visible marks on the body. Each injection must end with the doctor distributing the injected material so that irregularities and defects can be avoided. The volume of the penis changes in a visible way and causes contentment and satisfaction of our patients.


What are the advantages of the procedure?

One of the biggest advantages of the whole procedure is that it is performed using natural materials coming from our body. Thanks to this, everything heals well and the recovery time is shorter. After the enlargement, there are no problems with erection and the quality of sexual life improves, which is often the main goal of patients who decide on such a procedure. The recovery time is very short, so we can quickly regain general fitness and after a few days to enjoy the effects of the procedure.


What are the indications for the procedure?

One of the most important indications for penis enlargement with your own fat is to improve overall self-esteem and well-being. This is a big step towards reducing the complexes on the background of your own body. In many cases, this also translates into improved quality and satisfaction of cohabitation for both parties. The intercourse itself is often more satisfying. For many men, the size of the penis is very important, therefore, after the procedure, their sense of shame decreases. They become more confident, and self-esteem increases many times compared to the state before the visit to the doctor’s office. But the most important thing is that a man after thickening his penis with his own fat has much less complexes that affect his personal life and self-esteem.


What are the effects of penis enlargement surgery?

The results of syringing the penis with your own fat are visible almost immediately after the procedure. Recovery should last about a week. The size of the penis itself becomes larger by up to 50% compared to the original state. It is important that the procedure is carried out by an experienced specialist who will advise and guide us through the postoperative period. The result persists up to two years. If you are thinking about using the procedure, it is worth to make an appointment at the doctor’s office today and find out everything about the proposed procedure.

What is the cost of penis enlargement with your own fat?

The prices of the procedure of penis enlargement with the help of own fat start from 6000 PLN. In most offices you will find a similar price list, but it is worth remembering to choose experienced and competent specialists. Then the effect will be satisfactory for everyone, and our health will remain safe.

Penis enlargement with own fat
from 6000 PLN
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