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PDO threads – face lifting without the use of a scalpel

It is a great alternative to lifting treatments that strongly interfere with the natural structure of the skin.

PDO threads on the face are a treatment dedicated to both mature people and much younger patients who want to improve skin tension. PDO threads for the face lift and support the tissues, initiating the process of skin reconstruction. In this way, it gains flexibility, tension and a younger appearance.

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Due to their properties, PDO threads for the face help to strengthen the structure of the dermis. The treatment guarantees the visible lifting of the skin and modeling the oval of the face. Thanks to this treatment, it is possible to obtain a lifting effect in an effective and safe way. The action of PDO threads is based on stimulating the production of new collagen, which increases the tension and elasticity of the skin. In the case of the scalp, PDO threads help to stimulate blood circulation around the hair follicles to support their growth. Currently, this method is successfully used in aesthetic medicine to prevent hair loss, as well as in the process of treating baldness.


PDO threads for the face – what is it?

PDO threads are a great alternative to a surgical facelift. All thanks to strong, synthetic fibers made of polydioxanone, creating a uniform structure. The substance from which they were made penetrates into the skin a few months after being introduced into the skin and then dissolves completely in the tissue. During the gradual dissolution, PDO threads stimulate the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts. In this way, they stimulate skin cells to renew.

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a material that has been used in medicine for many years. However, previously it was used mainly in plastic surgery, urology and gynecology. This ingredient stimulates the production of collagen, a protein responsible for skin tightness and firmness. The treatment with the use of a thread for the face consists in introducing the material with a thin needle into specific areas of the face skin. The applied thread stimulates the stimulation of processes improving skin firmness, tension and elasticity. The product has all the necessary approvals and is approved for medical use throughout the European Union.


How does the treatment with PDO threads work?

The treatment with the use of PDO threads is completely safe and does not leave any unsightly scars or cuts. Each treatment should be preceded by a medical consultation with a detailed discussion of the entire process. The speed of the procedure depends on how many PDO threads are applied to the patient’s face. However, the treatment itself consists in inserting the thread into specific areas of the skin with a thin needle, making single pricks. The comfort and sensations are similar to those in the microneedling procedure. Usually, the area of ​​the face where PDO threads are implanted is pre-locally anesthetized. Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be slightly red, small hematomas or bruises may also appear. They usually disappear within a few days. The first effects are visible immediately, but for the proper results, which usually last up to a year, you should wait about two weeks.


Who is the PDO thread treatment dedicated to?

The treatment with the use of PDO threads for the face is dedicated to people who want to achieve a visible skin lifting effect. They reduce the excessively unsightly signs of aging in the body and eliminate skin laxity. The PDO thread treatment is recommended for people struggling with the problem of loose skin, drooping eyebrows or the so-called effect of a “double chin”. The treatment allows you to quickly regain a younger appearance and obtain the result of expressive emphasis on the oval of the face. The areas of the body that are most often subjected to the treatment are primarily the eye area – in order to reduce the so-called crow’s feet or bags; cheeks or nasolabial folds. After introducing the PDO thread, the skin becomes more moisturized, firmer and full of youthful glow.


PDO threads for the face – recommendations and contraindications

The treatment with the use of PDO threads for the face is, in most cases, safe and non-invasive. However, there are cases that are a categorical contraindication to starting the procedure of undergoing this type of treatment. They mainly include:

  • cancer,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • skin lesions,
  • blood clotting disorders.

Before performing the procedure, it is recommended to undergo a medical consultation in order to exclude any abnormalities that could cause complications. The price of the treatment depends entirely on the amount of material used during the treatment. So how many PDO threads are applied to the face area? Typically 4 to 8 threads are used. However, there are more complicated treatments that require the use of more fibers. Therefore, when considering the costs and how many PDO threads will allow you to achieve the desired effect, it is worth consulting with a specialist.


The effects of the treatment with PDO threads

The effect of the thread implantation into the skin of the face is noticeable and almost immediate. Immediately after the process of applying the material is completed, the soft tissues of the face are clearly pulled up. The implanted threads create a kind of scaffolding for the face, improving its oval, thickening and firming the skin structure. They spur the production of new collagen in tissues, and the stimulation of fibroblasts energizes the synthesis of elastin responsible for springiness and elasticity. In addition, they affect the supply of essential amino acids, lift soft tissues, soften facial features and regulate skin tension on the cheeks. The improvement of the condition of the face is the result of a several-week process of adapting the material. However, the final results can be observed after a few weeks, when the flabby tissues are completely changed as a result of the synthesis of new skin proteins. The effect lasts for about a year.

PDO thread price

Lifting threads for the face are an ultra-modern and minimally invasive method of both eliminating signs of aging and modeling the shape of the face. The final price of the treatment with the use of PDO threads is agreed after consultation with the doctor.

Negotiable price
Cheek lift (without scalpel)
1000 – 3000 PLN
Raising the eyebrows (drooping eyelids)
1000 – 2000 PLN
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