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PDO threads

PDO threads allow you to strengthen the structure of the dermis, stimulate blood circulation around the hair follicles to support their growth.

This method of preventing hair loss and treating baldness has been successfully used for several years.

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Currently, aesthetic medicine is able to offer many solutions that can improve the quality and comfort of everyday life in a non-invasive and almost painless way. One of them is PDO threads. They help to strengthen the structure of the dermis. In addition, their task is to stimulate blood circulation around the hair follicles to help their growth. For several years, this method has been successfully used to prevent hair loss and to treat baldness. This method is not associated with pain and scars, but it is able to guarantee an exceptionally natural effect. If you are struggling with the initial stages of baldness and are thinking about its correction, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the PDO thread treatment in our clinic.


PDO threads – what is it?

Patients reach for PDO threads with increasing confidence, as it is a sensational alternative to a surgical facelift. PDO threads – what is it? They are strong, synthetic fibers, which consist of one or two twisted, solid, single-tube fibers with a uniform structure. The advantage of a uniform structure is the reduction and prevention of bacterial colonization. The threads are made of polydioxanone. It is an active substance that, after about eight months of being introduced into the skin, penetrates it and then completely dissolves in the tissue. PDO threads decompose in the process of hydrolysis to monomers, and consequently to water and carbon dioxide. During the gradual dissolution of PDO threads, they stimulate the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts and stimulate skin cells to renew.

Polydioxanone (PDO) itself is a material that has been successfully used in plastic surgery, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology and even ophthalmology for years. The use and measurable effects of PDO threads in aesthetic medicine, e.g. for the treatment of the initial stages of baldness are the result of strengthening the muscles and tendons of the body through the presence of PDO threads in the tissue. These benefits are the result of many years of observation. Today, the PDO method is used e.g. in Japan, USA, Brazil, Russia and other Western European countries, as well as in Poland in Hair Center Kierach. PDO threads have the necessary certificates and can be used throughout the EU.


PDO threads – effects

PDO threads stimulate the production of new collagen in the tissues, and the stimulation of fibroblasts stimulates the synthesis of elastin responsible for resilience and elasticity. Collagen is a protein responsible for the tension and firmness of the skin. In addition, it affects the supply of essential amino acids that stimulate and nourish hair bulbs, thanks to which their proper growth and reconstruction is possible. Collagen deficiency can cause excessive hair loss and premature baldness.

The excellent effects of using PDO threads are one of the most important reasons why doctors offer this method to their patients. Among the benefits, it is worth mentioning not only a better mood caused by getting rid of complexes, but above all a sensational appearance. Thin, brittle and dry hair, which was the result of protein deficiency, becomes a thing of the past. Both men and women struggle with baldness. Getting rid of this uncomfortable problem always gives a feeling of great relief.


PDO threads – treatment and its course

PDO thread treatment is completely safe and always preceded by a medical consultation. During the visit, you are presented with a detailed course of the entire process. How long the proper part of the treatment lasts depends on the amount of threads used. The threads themselves are inserted into specific areas of the skin using a fine, sterile needle and single pricks. The entire area where PDO threads are implanted is previously locally anesthetized to guarantee maximum comfort – the procedure itself was painless. You can only feel delicate stings, comparable to an acupuncture treatment. Occasional bruises may appear after the treatment, which will be absorbed within about 2 weeks.

Price list

The price of PDO threads depends on how much thread was used during the treatment, however, at Hair Center Kierach, we always try to provide the final cost of the treatment. We usually use 4 to 8 threads. Opinions on PDO threads are very flattering, which means that more and more people are interested in this method.

Price per thread
PDO threads
350 PLN
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