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Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid is recommended primarily to people who have problems with cracking, dry lips. Often these symptoms last for a long time and can cause great discomfort.

Moisturizing the lips with hyaluronic acid allows you to maintain the proper moisture of the lip red, which significantly improves the appearance and well-being.

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Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid – what is it?

Before starting the procedure, the doctor selects the appropriate preparation with hyaluronic acid. Out of concern for the patient’s comfort, before the procedure, the mouth area is anesthetized with a special cream. This allows to eliminate the discomfort associated with the procedure. Then the doctor introduces small amounts of the preparation with hyaluronic acid in the area of lip red. The procedure is performed with a thin needle or cannula. Precise application of the preparation is very important. After the introduction of hyaluronic acid, the doctor gently massages the lip area, which helps to distribute the agent in the lip red. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.


Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid – for whom?

The treatment is recommended primarily to people who feel discomfort due to dry lips and want to moisturize them properly. Often these symptoms intensify in the autumn and winter, and dry lips are more likely to crack. The procedure is most often performed on people aged 30-40, although there are no contraindications for it to be performed by younger and older people. The treatment can be combined with lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

Recommendations before the procedure

Lip moisturizing treatment does not require any special preparation.


Recommendations after the procedure

The treatment does not require convalescence. Immediately after its completion, the patient can return to daily activities. It is only recommended to avoid saunas and solariums for 2 weeks after the procedure.



A slight swelling may appear for a few days after the procedure. The first effects are visible immediately, while the final ones appear within two weeks. Lips after the treatment become properly moisturized, firm and tense, they gain a fresh and healthy look.

Price list
Moisturizing lips with hyaluronic acid
from 1250 zł
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