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Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy

Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy treatment (a treatment like Dermapen) is performed with the use of a multi-needle, with which appropriately selected nutrients are delivered to the skin.

Advanced technologies used in automatic multi-needle mesotherapy, such as the backflow blockade and the vacuum system, make the treatment rather painless. Immediately after the multi-needle mesotherapy treatment, you can return to normal functioning without feeling much discomfort from the patient.

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Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy – what is it?

Multi-needle mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment involving making micro-holes in the skin of the face, hairy area of the head or other parts of the body. The main purpose of this multi-needle mesotherapy is to mechanically stimulate the skin for self-regeneration, biorevitalization and to deliver active substances to its deeper layers. Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy is a quick and minimally invasive method of skin revitalization, which is carried out using an innovative device that allows precise administration of microdoses of hyaluronic acid, hydraboosters, vitamin cocktails and other mesotherapy preparations.


Automatic multi-needle mesotherapy – for whom?

The treatment is recommended primarily for people who want to improve the quality and density of their skin, nourish it, unify its color, get rid of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, dark circles under the eyes and the problem of excessive hair loss.

Recommendations before the procedure

Before the multi-needle mesotherapy treatment, the area to be treated should be thoroughly cleaned of any preparations previously applied to the skin. After that, the doctor may apply an anesthetic ointment, which is left on for about 30 minutes. Cleaned and anesthetized skin can be treated.


Recommendations after the procedure

For 14 days from the time of the procedure, patients are not recommended to visit the swimming pool, sauna or solarium.



The main effects of the treatment are:

  • improving the quality and density of the skin
  • deep cleansing of the skin
  • reducing the visibility of pores and lumps in the skin
  • reduction of dark circles under the eyes
  • The effects are visible after the first treatment, but it is best to perform treatments in series. Such a series should include from 2 to 6 treatments, which take place at 4-8 week intervals.
Price list
Multi-needle mesotherapy
from 600 zł
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