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Injection lipolysis

The injection lipolysis treatment is a non-invasive method of body shaping that can be used on various parts of the body.

Injection lipolysis consists in removing excess fatty tissue by implementing substances in selected places that destroy the membrane of fat cells. Lipolysis is an alternative to the more invasive and costly liposuction (fat suction). The treatment is characterized by lasting effects and a high degree of safety.

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Lipolysis – what is it?

Injection lipolysis is a non-surgical procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine, as a result of which there is a controlled breakdown of adipose tissue. Then the destroyed fat cells are metabolized and removed from the body. Lipolysis is performed in order to reduce excess fat from selected parts of the body, shape the body and correct imperfections.



Injection lipolysis is a treatment aimed at modeling the figure in selected areas by reducing excess fat. It is used by people who have trouble getting rid of fat with traditional methods such as diet and exercise. The desired effects are obtained after several treatments, and the exact number of treatments is determined by the doctor during previous consultations. Injection lipolysis is performed on such parts of the body as:

  • chin,
  • arms,
  • belly,
  • sides,
  • inner and outer thighs,
  • the area above the knees,
  • hips.


What does the procedure look like?

Injection lipolysis consists in making several punctures with a very thin needle in a selected area of the body, through which a special preparation (phosphatidylcholine or deoxycholic acid and L-carnitine or organic silica) is introduced. The given substance destroys the membrane of fat cells, as a result of which the cells themselves are damaged, which are then metabolized in the liver and removed from the body. After the procedure, redness, swelling and a burning sensation may occur at the application site. These are typical symptoms associated with the breakdown of fat cells, which, however, should subside in a short time. The procedure itself is painless. It is performed under local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure varies from 20 to 40 minutes. Lipolysis is performed on an outpatient basis.


Who is the injection lipolysis treatment dedicated to?

Lipolysis is recommended for people who want to remove excess fat and shape their figure in places where it is difficult to get rid of fat by diet or exercise. The treatment is intended for people with a normal weight or slightly overweight, while in the case of patients with large and extensive obesity, it will be ineffective. Injection lipolysis – recommendations and contraindications. Injection lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require long-term convalescence. To increase its effectiveness, it is worth taking advantage of lymphatic treatments that will help in the rapid removal of damaged fat cells from the body.



Contraindications to injection lipolysis are:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • epilepsy,
  • kidney disease,
  • severe liver disease,
  • blood clotting disorders,
  • allergy to the ingredients of the preparation,
  • active skin infections at the site of the planned procedure.
If in doubt, consult your doctor.



The effect of injection lipolysis is, among others:

  • uloss of excess fat from selected areas,
  • loss of a few centimeters in circumference at the area of administration of the preparation,
  • better microcirculation,
  • stimulation of skin regeneration at the treatment area,
  • better nutrition of the skin at the area of administration.

The best effects of injection lipolysis are visible in people with a normal weight or slightly overweight.

More and more people who are unable to get rid of excess body fat through diet or exercise are choosing injection lipolysis. As a result of the treatment, the figure is modeled and imperfections are removed, which makes the person subjected to the procedure feel better in their skin, and their satisfaction with their own appearance and self-confidence increase. For this reason, injection lipolysis is becoming more and more popular and has good opinions among people who have decided on this procedure.

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