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Botox migraine treatment

Migraine affects more and more people. This ailment can disable you from life for a few days, or sometimes even weeks.

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Migraine affects more and more people. This ailment can disable you from life for a few days, or sometimes even weeks. An indication for the treatment of migraine occurs when headache attacks cause a significant deterioration in the quality of life and do not go away during the use of emergency treatment. The recommendation also occurs when migraines occur at least twice a month, and they are additionally accompanied by exhausting or long-lasting migraine aura. Botox for migraines is an effective and quick way that allows patients of Kierach Medical Clinic to forget about migraines for a long time. Thanks to its measurable effects, Botox migraine treatment is gaining more and more supporters. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


Treating migraine with botox – what is migraine?

Migraines are severe headaches that last for several hours. Often this ailment is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, or hypersensitivity to noise or smells, and a feeling of helplessness. Untreated migraine significantly limits the possibility of proper functioning and can exclude a person from everyday life for a long time. When migraine becomes chronic, it is necessary to use regular drug treatment, which in turn can negatively affect the entire body. It also happens that the body stops responding to even the maximum doses of painkillers. In situations where migraine headaches keep recurring and nothing is able to relieve the pain, it is necessary to reach for other methods, e.g. botox for migraines.

Migraine is a chronic condition that currently affects over 15% of people worldwide. Often, migraine is identified with hypochondria, but it is a troublesome ailment that only those who have experienced it are aware of. In Poland, nearly 20% of people struggle with the problem of migraine. Treatment of migraine with botulinum toxin allows you to free yourself from the trouble.


Botox migraine treatment – what is it?

Using Botox to treat migraines is a relatively novel solution that was born out of the need to relieve pain when painkillers were no longer enough. Opinions on the treatment of migraine with botox are becoming more and more favorable and more and more people praise this solution. All this means that botox for migraines is becoming more and more popular. The procedure itself at Kierach Medical Clinic consists of several stages. At the beginning, it is necessary to determine exactly which parts of the head muscles are pressing and whether they are pressing down on the nerves that provoke migraine attacks. Then, botulinum toxin is injected by our qualified specialist into the previously defined muscle groups. Most often, several dozen injections are made in the area of the forehead, temples, nape and occiput, although the exact number depends on individual characteristics and it also affects the price of botox for migraines. As a result of the application, these muscles are blocked and relaxed. Treatment of migraine with botulinum toxin provides long-term effects, but it is not a method that will permanently get rid of the problem.


Botox for migraines – the course of the procedure

The botox migraine treatment at Kierach Medical Clinic takes only a few minutes and does not require any special, prior preparation. It is a safe method, which also does not provoke the need for subsequent convalescence. Immediately after the procedure, you can resume your daily activities. The scope of injections depends mainly on the location of the pain, although it may be necessary to extend the area to other parts.

The only restrictions on Botox for migraines include the prohibition of alcohol consumption before and after the procedure and strenuous (or any, depending on the circumstances) physical effort. It is worth noting that a properly selected dose does not impair the mobility of any of the main muscle groups. Other muscles, apart from those responsible for the occurrence of migraine, will not be immobilized and their free movements will not be hindered in any way. The first injection of botulinum toxin can significantly reduce the risk of migraines, although full results may only be obtained after several series of injections.


Treatment of migraine with botulinum toxin – expected effects

Among the expected effects of migraine treatment with botulinum toxin is pain relief. Many patients feel a significant improvement in the quality of life after the first treatment and are happy to return to work and social life. In some cases, it is necessary to perform several repeated series to obtain optimal results. Botox for migraines allows you to function without pain for up to 12 weeks. You will be able to forget about painkillers and the possible effects of their long-term use. An additional effect of the treatment of migraine with botulinum toxin is the anti-wrinkle effect, which is especially appreciated by people for whom taking care of their appearance and maintaining youthful proportions is important. Systematic and regular use of Botox for migraines allows you to deal with the problem for a long time and forget about migraines and related ailments for a longer period.

The price of Botox migraine treatment depends on several factors. Our qualified specialists will be happy to provide you with all the details about botox for migraines during the consultation. If you are looking for a proven method of combating this troublesome problem, Kierach Medical Clinic will be the best choice. Our advantages are many years of experience, years of practice under the supervision of the most outstanding professionals, constantly updated knowledge, high-quality equipment and the use of innovative technologies that guarantee maximum effects and safety with minimal invasiveness. We cordially invite you to use our services.

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