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Treatment of bruxism with botox

Teeth grinding or clenching your teeth involuntarily can cause a lot of damage to your health. This ailment can affect anyone, but fortunately, there are now a wide range of treatments for bruxism.

One of the methods that is gaining more and more popularity and favor among patients is the use of botulinum toxin during treatment. It is a method of proven effectiveness that allows you to temporarily get rid of the problem and the consequences that are associated with it. Professional treatment of bruxism with botox under the supervision of qualified, experienced specialists is also available at Kierach Medical Clinic. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. It is worth finding out what bruxism is, what is the price of treating bruxism with Botox and for whom this treatment is recommended.

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What is bruxism> Treatment without worries

Bruxism is a Greek word that literally means “to grind your teeth”. This is a fairly common movement disorder that manifests itself in pathological teeth clenching and involuntary grinding during sleep. Importantly, this condition affects about 10% of the world’s population and most patients do not even realize that they are affected by this disease. The causes of bruxism are seen in the excessive and spontaneous activity of the masseter muscles. Treatment of bruxism is necessary, because abandonment of this activity leads to very unpleasant consequences. At first, you can only notice damage to the teeth, e.g. their abrasion and instability, or cracking of the enamel. The next stage is extensive inflammation not only of the teeth, but also of the gums. In addition, bruxism can cause inflammation in the temporomandibular joints. In a very advanced disease, there is pain in the masseter muscles, recurring headaches and back pain, neck tension, or hearing problems. It is worth emphasizing that currently the causes of bruxism are not known, but among the factors increasing the risk are e.g. chronic stress, malocclusion, as well as some types of parasitic diseases. Treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin in our clinic is the most effective way to deal with a troublesome problem..


Treatment of bruxism – available methods

There are many treatments for bruxism. Often in the initial stages, psychotherapy and sedatives are used, but the effectiveness of this approach is very limited. Another choice is the classic tooth relief splints, but they are also the best choice at the very beginning and only in selected cases. Currently, modern medicine uses extensive knowledge about the action of botulinum toxin. The use of this neurotoxin allows you to reliably block the neuromuscular transmission, which results in a significant reduction of masseter muscle tone. In this way, their effect is weakened, which directly affects the significant reduction of the friction between the teeth against each other. What’s more, the treatment of bruxism with Botox is also a sensational method supporting the simultaneous use of relief splints. If, on the other hand, the patient does not want to use splints, the treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin will also be an effective, fully independent method.


LTreatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin – what is the procedure?

Positive opinions about the treatment of bruxism with Botox make an increasing number of people decide on such a solution. What is the treatment of bruxism at Kierach Medical Clinic? It is worth mentioning that the treatment of bruxism with botulinum toxin requires a lot of precision, extensive knowledge and practice in the use of botulinum toxin. Any mistake can have catastrophic consequences, such as aggravation of ailments, instability of the bite, or even facial distortion. This is a consequence of the asymmetric administration of the preparation. That is why it is worth choosing a renowned clinic, which is Kierach Medical Clinic. Our extensive experience makes this difficult task a completely safe procedure in the hands of our specialists with many years of experience. In addition, the treatment is almost painless, takes literally a few minutes and no recovery is required after it. During the procedure, our qualified doctor administers the correct dose of botulinum toxin to the muscles that are responsible for the occurrence of this disease. The neurotoxin permanently binds to the neuromuscular plate, blocking the binding of acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter whose task is to contract the muscle, and as a result of the blockade, its relaxation occurs.


The effects of treating bruxism with Botox

Benefits of treating bruxism with Botox include: low invasiveness of the procedure, short duration and effects that can be noticed literally after a few days. The maximum effect is visible up to 2 weeks. In order for the treatment to bring the expected results, you should avoid physical exertion, bending over for a long time, or give up the massage on the day of the procedure. The results themselves can last up to 6 months, although in most cases this is an individual feature. As for the side effects, there may be slight puncture marks or bruises after the procedure, but they are absorbed in just a few days. In addition to a clear relaxation of the muscles and the cessation of annoying teeth grinding, the patient may also notice a slimming of the lower part of the face, which ensures that its youthful appearance is restored. This is a positive side effect of treating bruxism with botulinum toxin. Importantly, no other muscles are affected and their mobility remains unchanged.

Bruxism treatment price

The price of bruxism treatment depends on many factors. During the consultation at Kierach Medical Clinic, you will be presented with all the details, and our qualified team will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. We invite you to take advantage of the botox treatment for bruxism in our clinic.

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