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It is a procedure based on modeling the shape of the smaller and / or larger labia.

Labiaplasty is a branch of plastic gynecology that includes the reduction of hypertrophy, the alignment of asymmetry or the reshaping of the female labia. Overgrown labia can cause aesthetic, physical and even sexual discomfort.

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About labiaplasty, labia plastic surgery

Labiaplasty is a surgical correction of the labia. Defects of the intimate areas, such as hypertrophy or inappropriate shape, are largely the result of genetic conditions, the use of androgenic hormones, as well as frequent infections of the vulva area. Overgrown labia can cause aesthetic and physical discomfort, and even adversely affect the intimate life and sensations during intercourse. In many cases, they can lead to frequent irritation and fungal and bacterial infections. Extreme labia hypertrophy can cause discomfort when sitting or playing sports. Sometimes the labiaplasty procedure is combined with clitoral foreskin plastic surgery to remove excess surrounding tissue. This allows you to maintain aesthetic proportions and improve the appearance of an oversized or asymmetrical clitoral foreskin.


Labiaplasty – preparation and course of the procedure

The labia surgery is preceded by a medical interview and a gynecological examination. During the consultation, the specialist presents a detailed description of the course of labiaplasty and consults the expected effect of the correction with the patient. Before undergoing the procedure, the following tests are required:

  • blood count,
  • cytological test,
  • glucose measurement,
  • blood coagulation test.

Labiaplasty can be performed using a variety of techniques. The most commonly used technique is the classic technique of cutting off the excess lip tissue along their course, from the clitoris to the inferior symphysis. It is also possible to perform the procedure using the wedge technique, consisting in cutting out single fragments of tissue in the shape of a triangle from both labia minora and bringing their edges closer to each other with the use of sutures. On the other hand, the fenestration technique involves cutting small holes on the surface of both labia, removing excess tissue and preserving the innervated middle part of the lips.

However, when it is selected from several possible techniques for performing surgery on the labia, the process itself takes about 45 minutes. The patient is under local anesthesia and the excess tissue is removed. At the end, the wounds are efficiently sutured with absorbable intradermal sutures, which guarantee an aesthetic appearance immediately after healing.


Plastic surgery of the labia – indications?

Labiaplasty is recommended for women who experience discomfort in their intimate areas during their daily activities or sports activities. However, in the case of excessive development of the labia, the procedure is also recommended for patients who want to improve their aesthetics. For many of them, this type of procedure is an opportunity to regain self-confidence, pleasure from intercourse, as well as improve the comfort of everyday functioning.

Other indications for labia surgery are, for example:

  • loss of filling and volume of the labia,
  • recurrent infections of intimate parts,
  • frequent injuries, burns or abrasions around the vulva,
  • difficulties in maintaining hygiene of intimate areas,
  • mental discomfort.


Plastic surgery of the labia – postoperative recommendations

Patients after labiaplasty are usually discharged home right after the operation, as the procedure does not require hospitalization. The first week is crucial for wounds to heal properly. Then it is recommended to lead a moderate lifestyle and follow the rules of intimate hygiene. During this period, frequent showers and the use of mild soap with disinfectant properties are necessary each time you use the toilet. In addition, panty liners made of natural materials will help to avoid irritation and abrasions. During the convalescence period, it is worth avoiding long sitting, e.g. while driving a car. Performing physical activities that strain the body and practicing sports is completely inadvisable. Plastic surgery of the labia requires a healing process lasting several weeks, which is often painful. Then the discomfort can be minimized by using painkillers. After about 9 days, you should go for a control visit. The wounds heal completely after 6-8 weeks.


Labiaplasty – effects and possible side effects

The overriding goal of labiaplasty is not only aesthetic reasons, but most of all a clear improvement in the patient’s quality of life. The most desirable effect is both a satisfactory visual and functional aspect. Most often, such a result is achieved, but it should be noted that the final version of labiaplasty in individual women may differ significantly. Sometimes it is almost impossible to achieve biologically perfect proportions. Surgery on the labia, like any other, is associated with the occurrence of unwanted side effects. The early ones include frequent swelling, transient sensory disturbances or post-operative pain. The late ones include asymmetry (if significant, it can be corrected 3 months after labiaplasty), as well as too small or too large excision of tissues.


Labiaplasty – opinions after the procedure

Labiaplasty is a procedure that more and more women decide to do. Thanks to it, they have an almost one hundred percent chance of regaining self-confidence. After undergoing the procedure, the patients admit that their daily functioning has improved – they no longer feel discomfort around their intimate parts. In addition, they are restrained in intimate situations, and the quality of their sex life has improved significantly. Women who have decided to perform labia plastic surgery begin to derive much more pleasure and satisfaction from sex. As a result, labiaplasty enjoys very good opinions and a growing interest among women.


Labiaplasty price

For women considering the procedure, the price of labiaplasty is often puzzling. It is not unambiguous, and most often it differs depending on factors such as the appearance and shape of the labia before the procedure. For this reason, the costs are most often determined individually after consultation with a doctor specializing in this field.

Labiaplasty – labia plastic surgery
5000 – 8000 PLN
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