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Nose shape correction

Correction of the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty) aims to improve the appearance and proportions of the nose, emphasizing the harmony of facial features. People who are not fully satisfied with the natural appearance of their nose decide on surgery.

Rhinoplasty can also eliminate breathing problems caused by the abnormal structure of the nasal septum. The shape of the nose is usually genetically determined, however, there are cases when its appearance changes as a result of the aging process, injury or previous operations. Regardless of the factors that influenced the overall shape of the nose, it is hard not to agree that it gives the face a certain character. Therefore, even a small change in this area can be very noticeable and improve the appearance and well-being of the patient.

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Nose shape correction – what is it?

KCorrection of the shape of the nose consists in changing the shape of the nose by reducing its size, removing the hump, as well as modeling the bone skeleton and cartilage of the nose. The specialist makes incisions inside the nose, which allows you to hide the traces of surgical intervention. There are no external scars after the operation. Sometimes, however, as a complementary operation, there is a need to make small external cuts, for example to correct the position of the wings of the nose or to narrow them. Then, hardly visible scars may remain at the site of these cuts.

 The rhinoplasty procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes 1-2 hours. The length of the operation depends on the individual structure of the nose of a given patient. In the case of humped, long and asymmetrical noses, the surgeon usually corrects the bone part of the nose.

Nose shape correction – for whom?

Correction of the shape of the nose is a surgical procedure intended for people over 18 years of age who are not satisfied with the general appearance of their nose. People whose nose is eligible for the procedure are:

  • humpbacked
  • asymmetric
  • too big
  • too little
  • too long
  • too short

Breathing difficulties may also be an indication for the correction of the shape of the nose.


Recommendations before the procedure

Before the planned correction of the shape of the nose, the patient should comply with the following recommendations:

  • a complete set of tests necessary to perform the procedure should be provided: complete blood count, platelets, ionogram, coagulation system (APTT and INR), glucose, HBS-antigen, HCV-antibodies.
  • sometimes the doctor orders additional tests in the case of health conditions that could be contraindications to the procedure.
  • two weeks before the procedure, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin and all its derivatives.
  • you should stop smoking at least 4 weeks before the planned procedure.
  • do not drink alcohol for at least 3 days before the planned procedure.
  • the day before the procedure, an easily digestible diet is recommended.
  • won the day of the procedure, the patient should come to the clinic on an agreed date on an empty stomach.


Recommendations after the procedure

PThe patient wears short dressings in the nasal passages for 24 hours after surgery to prevent bleeding. After this time, the doctor removes them and the patient can go home. After 7-10 days, the cast and sutures are removed. In the meantime, swelling and bruising around the eyes may appear. The nose after surgery is swollen, especially around the tip. There may be temporary problems with breathing through the nose, which should not last longer than 3 – 4 weeks.


The final effects of rhinoplasty are visible after a period of complete regeneration, which can last up to several months. After the correction, the patient’s profile improves, the nose looks more delicate and fits the face better.


Price list
Correction of the cartilage part
7000 – 9000 zł
Whole nose correction
od 15 000 zł
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