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Korekcja blizn po nacięciu krocza

Scar correction after episiotomy is a non-invasive method that aims to improve the functioning and appearance of intimate places.

Correction of episiotomy scars is performed on an outpatient basis using a modern fractional CO2 laser. As a result of the procedure, the perineal scar becomes smoother, shallower and brighter.

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korekcja blizn po nacieciu

About the procedure

Correction of scars after an episiotomy or tear is a non-invasive procedure that aims to smooth, shallow and lighten the scar. If, as a result of natural childbirth, the perineal wound has not healed properly, the resulting scar may not only look unsightly, but also hinder proper functioning. To remedy this, the patient may opt for a laser treatment. The desired effects of scar correction are usually obtained after several treatments, and the exact number is determined by the doctor during previous consultations.


What does the procedure look like?

Episiotomy scar correction is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes. The doctor performs the procedure using an ablative fractional CO2 laser. Laser rays make controlled microdamage to the scarred tissue, which leads to the start of the production of collagen fibers. Thanks to this, the tissue is rebuilt, as a result of which the scar becomes smoother, shallower and brighter. As a result, the scar is less visible and, above all, allows for proper and painless functioning of the perineum. Immediately a week after the procedure, the patient may experience itching and burning of the treated scar. Redness of the treated area may also occur. All these fears will subside completely over time. Full recovery after the procedure takes about 30 days.


Who is the treatment dedicated to?

Correction of scars after episiotomy is a procedure aimed at people who struggle with an unsightly scar that makes everyday functioning difficult. Such a scar is most often the result of inaccurate suturing or a disturbed wound healing process, caused by infection or suture separation. A direct indication for laser scar correction after episiotomy is the feeling of numbness or pulling and pain during intercourse.


Recommendations and contraindications

Before the episiotomy scar correction procedure, the doctor conducts a gynecological consultation, which will allow to estimate the number of necessary procedures. In addition, several laboratory tests should be performed before the procedure, such as: blood group, complete blood count, fibrinogen, HIV, HCV and HbsAg. Immediately after the procedure, for about a week, it is recommended to:

  • avoiding the use of soap and alcohol,
  • avoiding intercourse and other intimate contacts,
  • avoiding irritating the treatment site with a towel or sponge,
  • limitation of physical activity,
  • avoiding hot baths.
In the period of 4-6 weeks after the procedure, you should:
  • use preparations recommended by the doctor to support wound healing and care of the treatment area,
  • avoid sunbathing in the sun and in the solarium,
  • go for a check-up visit at the time recommended by the doctor.

Contraindications for episiotomy scar correction are:

  • skin damage in the area of the procedure performed,
  • inflammation of the vulva and vagina,
  • pregnancy,
  • menstruation,
  • abnormal cervical cytology results.
  • In case of doubt, consult the doctor performing the procedure.



    Thanks to laser correction, the scar after episiotomy becomes smooth, shallower and brightened, with the final effect depending on the type and depth of the scar and the patient’s predisposition to wound healing. In the case of keloids, the treatment will stop the process of its enlargement. In some situations, the scar may become practically imperceptible. The best results are obtained when the procedure is performed as soon as possible after the formation of the scar. Usually, a series of 4-6 treatments is performed, which give such long-term effects that the entire procedure does not have to be repeated.

    More and more people decide to correct scars after episiotomy, who are not satisfied with the appearance of their intimate areas and feel discomfort after improper healing of the wound in the perineum. The treatment makes troublesome ailments disappear, and the scar itself becomes less visible. Thanks to this, the correction of scars after episiotomy is becoming more and more popular and has good opinions among people who have decided to undergo this procedure.

    The price of episiotomy scar correction surgery depends on the number of treatments within the recommended treatment. For this reason, the exact cost of the procedure is determined individually after consultation with the doctor.

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