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Correction of wrinkles

Wrinkles are a sign of aging of the skin, which with age loses collagen fibers and elastin. Fortunately, thanks to treatments using hyaluronic acid or botox wrinkles can go down in history in just a few days!

Correction of wrinkles does not affect the facial expressions of the patient, and treatments using hyaluronic acid or Botox can be repeated in the future. After the wrinkle correction procedure, the effect of young and fresh skin lasts up to 6 months.

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What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles visible on the face or neckline are not just the result of the passage of time. Improper diet, smoking, frequent exposure of the skin to UV rays and even genes can also contribute to their formation. We can distinguish surface and deep wrinkles. The first ones appear most often in the eye area and we call them “crow’s feet”. In addition, we also have mimic wrinkles, which are the result of constantly performing the same facial movements, for example, smiling, wrinkling of the eyebrows, squinting of the eyes. The first mimic wrinkles can appear at a very young age. However, much depends on individual predisposition. The most susceptible to their formation will be people expressive, with a rich facial expression. Fixed mimic wrinkles, on the other hand, turn into static (or structural) wrinkles, which become more and more visible with age. However, wrinkles are not the only symptom of skin aging. With age, we can also observe a gradual loss of the face oval, associated with the action of gravity and disorders of the production of collagen fibers, elastin and reticulin fibers in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.


Correction of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is currently the most commonly used material for filling wrinkles and furrows. It occurs in almost all tissues of the body. Most hyaluronic acid (approx. 56%) is found in the skin. It forms an elastic, fluid matrix with which collagen fibers and elastin can bond. In addition, it has the ability to bind and accumulate large amounts of water. Thanks to this, the skin, which does not lack hyaluronic acid, is firm and elastic, does not succumb so easily to aging processes and the force of gravity. Unfortunately, over the years and due to frequent exposure to sunlight, hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. However, it can be supplemented by subcutaneous injections. This allows you to keep a young and fresh look, despite the passage of time. Hyaluronic acid used to correct wrinkles is an elastic gel, the molecules of which act as a building block for tissues. Since it is a substance naturally occurring in the body, treatments with its use are completely safe. In addition, hyaluronic acid has a very wide application. With its help, we can not only smooth wrinkles and furrows, but also model the cheeks, correct the shape of the nose or improve the contour of the jaw

Correction of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid – the course of the procedure

The area to be treated is first anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. The doctor then injects the selected area with hyaluronic acid using a thin needle or cannula. The procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area of the treatment. Correction of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid does not require convalescence. However, since hyaluronic acid needs time to integrate with the tissue, a slight swelling may remain in the treated area for a period of about 2 weeks.


Correction of wrinkles with Botox

Reduction of wrinkles with botulinum toxin is currently one of the most popular treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

There are as many as 7 subtypes of this toxin, but in aesthetic medicine mainly one is used – subtype A. Botulinum toxin is the most powerful neurotoxin that we have known so far. The toxin produced by gram-positive rods of Clostridium botulinum causes muscle paralysis by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the level of the neuromuscular junction of skeletal muscles. As a result, the transmission of nerve impulses through synaptic connections is inhibited. Botulinum toxin, unlike hyaluronic acid, does not fill wrinkles, but relaxes the muscles, making them less visible. Botulinum toxin is recommended primarily for people with mimic wrinkles, resulting from repeated muscle contractions. Botox smoothes wrinkles by inducing selective paralysis of specific muscle groups. With the help of botox, we can also correct the so-called Lion’s wrinkle, wrinkles around the mouth or around the neck.

Correction of wrinkles with Botox – the course of the procedure

The doctor will inject the medicine using a syringe with a thin needle. The area undergoing the procedure does not require prior anesthesia, and the whole procedure takes approx. 30 minutes. Correction of wrinkles with botulinum toxin also does not require convalescence. For a few days after the procedure, only redness and slight swelling can be seen at the injection area.


For whom is the wrinkle correction?

Although hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin work in a completely different way, both preparations are perfect for reducing wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. With their help, we can eliminate, among others such beauty imperfections as:

  • lion’s wrinkle,
  • forehead wrinkles,
  • Crow’s feet,
  • valley of tears,
  • smoker’s lines, the so-called “Barcode”,
  • nasolabial folds,
  • marionette wrinkles,
  • loss of the oval of the face.

Of course, in the end, it is the doctor who decides which of the preparations will work better in a given case. When choosing the method of correcting wrinkles, the most important factors are their type, depth and the patient’s expectations regarding the results obtained.


The effects of hyaluronic acid and botox

In both cases, the effects of the treatment are visible after a few days and last up to 6 months. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the face gains a youthful and fresh look. Additionally, hyaluronic acid provides immediate, intense skin hydration.

Price list for the correction of wrinkles

The price for the botox or hyaluronic acid injection treatment depends on the place of application, the number of areas and the type of preparation that will be administered. Each treatment is preceded by an anti-aging consultation. Consultation in the field of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging is included in the price, provided that the procedure is performed. The consultation itself costs PLN 250.

Botox 1 area
700 PLN
Botox 2 areas
1200 PLN
Botox 3 areas
1500 PLN
Filling with hyaluronic acid in 1 area
od 1350 PLN
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