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Correction of protruding ears, the so-called otoplasty

About ear correction

In most cases, ears sticking out is caused by a defective antihelix. It also occurs when they grow faster than the head, the ear canal is poorly educated, the shell is improperly constructed. Then the correction of protruding ears greatly improves their arrangement and makes them fit naturally. It is a safe procedure that can be performed on both children and adults. Even though otoplasty is characterized a negligible risk of complications, it does not affect the general state of health and does not require hospitalization. The results of the procedure are noticeable immediately and bring patients great satisfaction with their new appearance.

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Surgery for protruding ears – the course of the procedure

Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a specialist. During the visit, the doctor conducts an interview about the patient’s state of health, carefully checking the auricles for the depth of the shell bowl, the elasticity of the ear cartilage, etc. Before the correction of protruding ears, tests are also ordered – blood morphology, basic parameters of the coagulation system, the current level of glucose and electrolytes in the patient’s blood. Additionally, in the period of approx. 2 weeks before the planned procedure, it is recommended to abstain from stimulants, e.g. cigarettes, and to discontinue preparations with acetylsalicylic acid. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or complete anesthesia. Correction of protruding ears takes approx. 2 hours and involves cutting the skin behind the ear and exposing the cartilage. Then, in the case of a slight deviation of the clavicle, sutures are applied, correcting the position of the clavicle and supporting the reconstruction of the cartilage. If the procedure is performed due to a significant deviation of the ear, a fragment of the cartilage is cut out and the sutures are applied to form the auricle in the correct position.


Correction of protruding ears – who is the procedure for?

The procedure for correcting protruding ears is performed using several techniques. The choice of the appropriate method depends mainly on the anatomical features of the auricle, which make it stick out from the head at too large an angle. The decision on the form of otoplasty is made by a surgeon specializing in this field, after prior agreement with the patient. One of the techniques performed is to completely cut the cartilage, and people eligible for it are those with visibly protruding ears, who are at high risk of recurrence of the problem. Another, equally popular method is the abrasion of cartilage at the level of the antihelix. It involves cutting the cartilage in many places and then bending it back to create the correct curvature. In this procedure, the auricle is given a completely new shape. A properly performed procedure is associated with high patient satisfaction.


Ears plastic surgery – postoperative recommendations

Immediately after the procedure, the ears may be slightly swollen and blue. A bandage and a special headband are then put on the postoperative wound. Such protection supports the bandage and protects the ears from possible injuries. The bandage should be worn for up to a month after the procedure, and then put on at night for approx. three weeks. Correction of protruding ears usually does not require hospitalization. The exception is the procedure performed under general anesthesia.

During the first days after surgery, the bandage should be protected from getting wet or being damaged. It is advisable to wash your head after approx. three days. Patients during the recovery period are advised to avoid contact and group sports, as well as use of the sauna or solarium. This also applies to all other activities where there is a risk of ear injury.


Otoplasty, the effects of the procedure

The first effects of otoplasty are immediately visible and clearly noticeable after the procedure is over. However, it is not final, as there is surgical swelling of the tissues and it is necessary to wait until their structure is rebuilt and the cut lines are no longer visible. For this reason, the result of the treatment is achieved after an average of 6 to 18 months. Satisfaction with the final appearance of the ears depends on the correctly performed procedure, as well as the general condition of the patient, his commitment to care for healing wounds and scars after surgery. The key effects of the correction of protruding ears include their better adherence, change of the shape of the organ, improved proportions in the face area, and better well-being of the patient.

However, there are cases in which the patient is not satisfied with the final result of the plastic surgery of protruding ears. This is especially true when the ideas about the effect do not match the actual state. Then, about 8 months after the first treatment, the procedure can be performed again.


Protruding ears correction – price

As with most aesthetic surgeries, otoplasty is designed to help overcome the complexes associated with beauty defects. For many people considering the procedure, the price of the correction of protruding ears is often puzzling. It is not unambiguous, and most often it differs depending on the offer of the selected plastic surgery clinic. The amount depends on many factors, such as the appearance and shape of the ears before the procedure. Often the price includes both the costs of care during and after the procedure. It includes, among others: anesthesia, surgery, postoperative equipment (elastic band, bandages), follow-up visits or the procedure for removing stitches. For this reason, the costs are most often determined individually after consultation with a doctor specializing in this field.

Correction of protruding ears
5000 PLN
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