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micropigmentation (SMP)

A revolutionary treatment to improve the appearance of the scalp using skin pigments.

SMP allows to imitate a closely shaved scalp and may be incorporated in the patient’s natural hair. This method is commonly called a medical tattoo imitating true hair.

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The ideal candidate for
the scalp micropigmentation procedure
is the person who
does not have enough hair follicles to cover
the whole balding area
with a transplant achieving
the desired hair density.

Patients with scalp scars after older hair transplant methods and other procedures can also minimize the visibility of scars.

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SMP is mostly used for the following groups:
Scalp visibility after hair transplant
Men and women who have undergone hair transplantation in the past but still have part of their scalp visible due to thin hair or extended alopecia areas.
Female-type balding
Women suffering from typical female-type alopecia are not good candidates for hair transplantation. On their scalp, there is not enough that could be transplanted. Most of these women are doomed to micro-fiber preparations, such as Toppik or fill-in hair enhancement systems. A medical tattoo may minimize the contrast between their hair and the scalp and increase the perceived hair density.
Shaved head
Men suffering from masculine-type balding often go for shaving but do not want the typical horseshoe pattern to be visible. SMP can make the head seem full of hair. It looks like stubble and mimics a head full of hair.
Scar on scalp
Men and women with scars on the scalp due to injuries, surgical procedures, or earlier strip hair transplant planning to shave their head and get rid of visible scars.
Other types of balding
Any person with another type of alopecia wishing to improve the appearance of the balding scalp fragment. Examples may include such diseases as total alopecia, spot baldness on the head and face, scarring hair loss, and hair loss after radiation therapy.

Such a hair-imitation tattoo may help all those mentioned above.

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation. Do you still need further arguments to try SMP? Let us mention some other advantages of scalp micropigmentation:

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    It makes the thinning hair seem denser and thicker.
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    It mimics the appearance of a shaved head for completely bald patients.
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    It helps to hide scars from previous scalp procedures such as strip scars.
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    Effective treatment for patients suffering from diseases for which hair transplant is not a viable solution, such as spot baldness, total alopecia, and whole-body alopecia.


We take advantage of our experience and artistic skills to create natural-looking results for patients with alopecia and thinning hair.

SMP may give a short-cut look in patients with alopecia in the front and crown area using top-quality pigments. The treatment may also provide a thicker hair effect in patients with thinning hair, thus minimizing the scalp visibility. This eliminates the need for using microfiber products such as Toppik.

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Scar SMP
from 1.500 PLN
Whole top of the head (1st treatment)
7.900 PLN
Whole top of the head (2nd and 3rd treatment)
1.500 PLN each
Visual hair thickening (men and women)
6.900 PLN
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