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Microneedling is intended to stimulate the production of growth factors in the hairy scalp.

The treatment consists of stabbing the skin with a microneedle, which damages the skin making blood platelets flow the area in question and produce the factors necessary for skin regeneration.

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The efficacy of the method in the treatment of androgenic alopecia has been proven in clinical trials.

Combining this method with other non-surgical procedures proves more beneficial than monotherapy.

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One treatment session per month is recommended for 4-5 months to evaluate the effectiveness in a given patient.
Due to hair regeneration and growth rate, a single treatment may not bring about visible effects.
The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.
Price for 5 treatments
500 PLN
2 300 PLN
Microneedling with scalp mesotherapy
850 PLN
FUE 4 000 PLN
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