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Hair transplantation (FUE)

We determine prices on an individual basis, according to each individual’s needs and the desired outcome. The best way for us to determine a preliminary price, is to provide us photographs of the back of the patient’s head, the sides and the recipient area that requires reconstruction of the hair. Please send the photographs through the online consultation option. Please remember to take photos in a well-lit area for most accurate evaluation.

Sample prices:

Small temples (400-600 grafts) – from 1.650 €
Front with hair line (1000-1200) – from 3.500 €
Metoda FUE


Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment for various skin diseases, which involves injecting small doses of treatment substances directly into target areas. Mesotherapy allows reversal or hindering of many unfavourable changes. Mesotherapy involves superficial injections of the scalp with substances which stimulate growth and prevent hair from falling out (mainly anti-inflammatory medicines, vitamins and nutritive substances). The medicines are selected on an individual basis, to meet the patient’s needs. Scalp mesotherapy is recommended in particular to persons who suffer from losing hair and alopecia. Excessive hair loss is frequently a problem of both men and women. Ladies recognise the first signs of baldness in themselves sooner and sooner than men undertake struggle with this problem. Treatment efficacy in case of women is satisfactory, but it sometimes takes as long as several months to see satisfactory results. Scalp mesotherapy may also be performed as preventive treatment.

Intensive therapy – 1 treatment per week during 4-8 weeks – 350€ (1 month therapy)
Preventive therapy – 1 treatment per month during 3-6 months – 99€ (one treatment)

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Platelet-rich Plasmatherapy

Platelet-rich plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma stimulates stem cells improves blood circulation in the scalp, and thus stimulate hair growth.

The treatment prices starts from – 190 €

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