My visit to Los Angeles: what I’ve learned

Every year brings new treatment methods or modifications of the ones already in use with the hope of ensuring better results for our patients. During the most recent conference organised by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Prague (10/2017) I became particularly interested in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as an alternative to or a supportive therapy to hair transplantation. This technique can be successfully applied not only in order to camouflage scars on areas after hair transplant via the Strip method. Patients who cannot qualify for hair transplant due to significant hair loss and the lack of a good quality donor area can – thanks to SMP – receive the look of a shaved head. Those who wish to have longer hair, yet their hair is not dense enough thus making their scalp visible, also can avail themselves of this method in order to visually “thicken” their hair. SMP, then, can be used on its own as well as in combination with hair transplantation.



Having witnessed the awe-inspiring talk delivered by dr William Rassmann at the conference in Prague, I decided to learn this method from him, in his New Hair Institute in Los Angeles. These were the intensive few days during which, apart from obtaining theoretical knowledge, I was also able to take part in consultations, SMP procedures and most importantly, to carry out the procedure on my own under the supervision of dr Pak, an SMP specialist.




New Hair Institute is an unquestionable pioneer of the Scalp Micropigmentation technique as doctors collaborating with dr Rassmann constantly introduce modifications to the surgical equipment (dr Pak is also an engineer) as well as to the ink they use. Since the inks available on the market hadn’t lived to their expectations, they decided to come up with inks of their own thanks to which the effects of SMP are even more natural. I couldn’t help my joy once I learned that I’d be able to have these inks delivered to my clinic in Poland. During my visit, I also had the opportunity to exchange perspectives and experiences on the most advanced equipment used for extracting hair follicles – WAW FUE – which I use on a daily basis. Together with dr Pak and Rassmann, we agreed that it’s an instrument for advanced users, as opposed to robots which are meant to substitute doctors with little experience in hair transplant.




New Hair Institute in Los Angeles is not merely yet another hair transplant clinic. Dr Rassmann boasts several dozen patents as well as several hundred scientific publications. New Hair Institute shows new directions for the hair transplant community. By carrying out research and designing new instruments, these specialists help not only their Los Angeles patients, but also others who are taken care of by doctors constantly upgrading their qualifications by participating in courses organised by dr Rassmann, following the latest news in the hair transplant sector, and reading publications.


I had the great pleasure to be supervised by and draw knowledge from such renowned specialists for over a week.


But, as the old proverb goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Once the last patient left the clinic, I also had the opportunity to sightsee the unique city of Los Angeles. We should always keep in mind the importance of life-work balance. Well rested and regenerated we are more productive and achieve better results. Let’s remember about it for our own well-being.

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