Hair Line Design and Ensuring It Looks Natural

Making a new hairline is a juggling act of pleasing the individual today with their new look and ensuring it looks natural in the years to come. The design and placement is central to restore a cosmetically attractive now and in the future.

Dr. Artur Kierach has strong views regarding the hairline and how important it is to the overall hair transplant result. He says, “The hairline is a crucial aspect of the overall hair restoration result. To ensure it frames the person´s face and complements their facial bone structure will mean a perfectly natural hairline placement is achieved. “

Different types of hair characteristics require a different approach to the hairline placement of the hair follicles. From the extreme of fine blonde hairs to thick coarse hairs requiring a different approach to the placement and sometimes the angles the hairs are positioned.

The hair line is questionably the most significant feature of a hair transplant procedure; how we see ourselves and how others view us.

“The hairline is personal to everyone one of my patients, having their own ideas and goals. Some want a more aggressive hairline where others are very happy with a receded look. “said Dr. Artur.

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