The final effect of the treatment depends on such factors as: the size and density of the donor area, the amount of hair, the amount of hair in the follicles. Patients with a large bald area may need more than 1 treatment.

Before and after - FUE hair transplant

Temples with higher hairline

1562 follicles

Front part

temples and middle part

Repair after FUT surgery

1423 follicles

Front part, 1st step of hair restoration. 3667 hairs

temples with lower hairline


1st step of hair restoration.

1611 follicles

1002 follicles

1100 follicles

1115 follicles

1245 follicles

1298 follicles

1245 follicles

1247 follicles

1634 follicles

1011 follicles

1324 follicles

1023 follicles

803 follicles

1145 follicles

1133 follicles

1264 follicles

1654 follicles

1239 follicles

1421 follicles

1129 follicles

1329 follicles

Non Surgical treatment

Komórki macierzyste

Stem cells

Komórki macierzyste

Leczenie farmakologiczne + mezoterapia igłowa

Pharmacological treatment + mesotherapy

Mesotherapy + pharmacological treatment

Mesotherapy with a complex substance

Mesotherapy + pharmacological treatment

Scalp skin mesotherapy



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