From Hair Plugs to Surgical Hair Transplants Today

Hair Transplant quality have come a long way from the early days decades ago. Two important evolutions have allowed for the protection of the donor area and the natural distribution of the hair to mimic natural hair growth.

One of the greatest innovations has been the development of the single punch per follicular unit method of harvesting or removing the hair follicles from the head, or donor area around the back and sides of the head. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction when performed in the purest form can leave little to no obvious signs any hair has been removed as the extraction can be spread randomly around the donor area.

Dr. Artur Kierach has been performing FUE for almost a decade and believes in maintaining the traditional integrity of the technique, being involved from the punching of the grafts to the placement. “FUE allows me to choose the hair units I want to place and where, for example, the hairline requires a softer look and then behind building the hair density with larger thicker follicular units.” Says Dr. Artur.

Using naturally growing follicular units allows the Doctor to give the most natural results as it can mimic nature. Using follicular units is a vital to ensure the distribution of hair can create the required density and fullness depending on the area of the scalp. The immediate hairline requires single hair follicular units along the first few mm´s and then larger units behind. Some areas require natural three or four hair units to create the required hair density. If smaller units are used instead the coverage will be achieved but the result will be thin and low density.

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