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Special offer – FUE hair transplant in Poland (Warsaw or Wroclaw)

One day surgery:

  1. 3.900 € for 1 day treatment (1600-2000 grafts) depends on donor area.
  2. Surgery performed by medical doctor (one of the dr Kierach’s team), extraction and implantation as well. In our clinic technicians are not allowed to do surgeries.
  3. We can organise transfers and hotel, cost 250 €.
  4. Free consultation online. Just send photos directly to

Two days surgery:

  1. 5.900 € for 2 days treatment (2200-2800 follicles – according to William Rassman MD, PhD from NHI Los Angeles safe extraction in one surgery is maximum 2200-2600 follicles depending on ethnicity).
  2. Surgery performed by medical doctor (one of the dr Kierach’s team), extraction and implantation as well. In our clinic technicians are not allowed to do surgeries.
  3. We can organise transfers and hotel, cost 250 €.
  4. Free consultation online. Just send photos directly to

Stem cells treatment (Regenera Active) during FUE:

  • faster healing
  • strengthening of miniaturized hair follicles
  • 990 €

FUE performed by dr Artur Kierach himself

1 day – 5.900 € 2 days – 7.900 €

Baldness norwood scale


About dr Artur Kierach, MD, ISHRS

Dr. Artur Kierach found his love for aesthetics and specifically performing hair transplant early in his medical career.
Having graduated in 2010 from the School of Medicine at the Medical University in Silesia Dr. Artur Kierach moved to Norway and the capital, Oslo, were he gained his experience in FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, the minimally invasive hair transplant technique. Dr. Artur wanted to expand his surgical experience, specifically in plastic surgery and worked alongside renowned surgeons in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Yokohama, Los Angeles and in his home country of Poland, specifically Poznan.
Being an FUE purest Dr. Artur does much of the work himself still, preferring to be hands-on with his patients and is skilled in all areas of a hair transplant procedure, from graft cutting, punching, extraction, recipient site making to graft placement, rare skills to be able to perform all aspects and ensures he can maintain the highest standards from his team. Member of the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (
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Factors affecting the planning
the treatment and its effect:

Patient’s age:Male baldness is a progressive process and young people are prone to experience more rapid hair loss compared to patients older than 50 who may have a more stable level of hair loss.

Type of hair loss:The progress of hair loss and the possible need for future treatment.

Family baldness:Cases of baldness in immediate family can give an indication of possible scenarios.

Hair type:Hair thickness, color and type must also be taken into account when planning hair transplantation. Thick and slightly curly hair give a better coverage effect.

Past treatments:Strip treatments, which involve removing a piece of the skin from the back of the head, significantly reduce the possibility of obtaining a large number of individual follicles via the FUE method.

Health status of the patient:Hair reconstruction via the FUE method is a minor surgical procedure, however, it does not mean that everyone can undergo this treatment. During the surgery, the patient will receive certain medicines and it is possible that contraindications in some patients may occur. Therefore, it is crucial that patients undergo a medical check-up prior to the surgery.

Financial concerns:Patients must be aware of all the costs that will be incurred in the course of the treatment before committing themselves to the procedure.

the course of treatment

the course of treatment

medical consultation

The purpose of the first step is to determine the cause of hair loss and to assess the risk of progression of the process. Younger patients must first consider other methods of treatment before choosing hair transplantation. After all other methods have been excluded, it is advisable that the patient chooses the appropriate hair transplant method by closely working with doctor during the consultation in order to identify the needs and options available. We offer a convenient initial online consultation. We will evaluate the donor area, suggest the most optimal treatment and provide the patient with a tentative price. At the end of the consultation, we will send an offer tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

preparing for surgery

After the patient has gone through the consultation stage, the next step will be to visit the clinic for a thorough evaluation of the donor area. During this visit, the doctor will collect the patient’s complete medical history; run blood tests and complete photographic documentation.After this evaluation, the final personalized proposal of costs and methods can be given for the hair transplant.


Hair transplantation is a routine procedure performed on an outpatient basis. Each method has different procedures, (see the menu tabs) which are discussed elsewhere on this website. The first step of the process is to collect hair follicles via one of the methods such as the FUE method. With the FUE method, surgeons can instantly collect individual micro transplants (hair follicles) from the donor area. Assistants, then, group them according to the number of hairs in each micro transplant, which usually varies between 1–4 hairs. Learn more about the FUE method.Once all the required hair follicles have been collected, they are moved to the recipient areas identified during the previous stages. A complete surgery lasts approximately 5–8 hours depending on the extent of treatment.


Once the surgery has been completed, the patient receives detailed after-care instructions along with postoperative discharge instructions.All instructions will be discussed with the doctor and the patient can return to their regular activity the next day, with the exception of heavy exercise, which must be avoided for 2 weeks after the surgery.

Check more our results – Gallery before/after pictures.

Fue MethodMethod does not require scalpel or sewing skin with no visible traces of a past treatment. Hair follicles are taken one after another – tool diameter 0.8 – 1.0mm.

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Non-surgical methodNon-surgical methods are Mezotherapy and Plasmatherapy

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