Hair loss itself is not a serious disease – it’s a result of body balance disorder which can be caused by a variety of factors such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, chronic and long-lasting stress or hereditary genetic baldness. Proper and quick diagnosis has a great influence on therapeutic effectiveness, and choosing an appropriate treatment and implementing it at an early stage succeeds in the best possible results in the hair loss battle, as Dr Gójdź found out for himself!

Dr Gójdź has trusted FUE method

Some time ago Dr Krzysztof Gójdź knocked at the door of my surgery office. Dr Gójdź has been specialising in aesthetic medicine for years and on a daily basis he works with popular celebrities and stars of Polish show business. According to him, ‘ once he turns forty, a guy starts to fall apart (…), suffers from receding hair’. Although ‘falling apart’ is out of question in his case, after a consultation meeting we decided to restore hair at the front of his head and recreate a new hairline. The procedure was performed by means of FUE method, which involves extracting single hair follicles from the back and the sides of the head using tools 0.8-0.9 thin in diameter (hair follicles are extracted intact, without any damage done). Contrary to FUT, an old method of hair transplant, FUE procedure does not leave line scars, and the patient can choose a short hairstyle in the future. FUE method is the latest discovery of modern medicine, and it is innovatively attractive due to the fact that the recovery takes only 5-7 days. The hair transplant itself is conducted with topical anaesthesia and lasts approximately 6 hours. The patient doesn’t feel any pain, is conscious during the whole procedure, is able to talk to the performing doctor or focuses on other activities. Dr Krzysztof Gójdź recorded a vlog during the treatment – if you are interested, you can watch it on YouTube. (here)

Comfortable and discreet consultation

In recent years hair transplant has become a popular solution to overcome hair loss problem. Everyone can afford it due to the rapid development of new technologies and modern medicine. In response to HairCenter Kierach patients’ needs, VIP consultations are conducted every Saturday and Sunday in undercover places so at to ensure that every patient can remain anonymous and feel comfortable during the appointment.